Bo Snerdley releases ‘insidious’ leak of the Film Council: The South are ‘losing their cookies’

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The leak of a decision was seen to overthrow Roe vs. Wade is an “insidious” breach for the Supreme Court and is causing the south to “lose their cookies,” said longtime “Rush Limbaugh Show” producer James Golden.

Speaking on Tuesday’s “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour”, Golden said the leak was “like nothing happened in American history,” adding that the document was not the final product. very high level.

“One of the things you’ll hear all day if you listen to any of the news sites is that a lot of this detail is… -the detail may signal approval from other conservative judges. .


James Golden aka Bo Snerdley (Fox)

Regarding the later complaint, Golden said the left “didn’t go.”

“I haven’t seen Democrats be this angry since a Republican president took their slaves,” he said. “Why liberals are against something, everything has to end – but if conservatives are against something, [it’s] ‘Let’s go kill them until we get on our way.’ “

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The opponents are SCOTUS

The opponents are SCOTUS
(AP/Anna Johnson)

During the interview, Mark Steyn said it would be easy to want to oppose “women’s rights” just weeks after celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision. Kentaji Brown Jackson, could not define the word “woman” when pressed by Sen. Marsha Blackburn. R-Tenn.

“Women have the right to choose to be independent of the nature of women,” Steyn said, adding that Roe v. Wade in 1973 described it as “terrible.”

Steyn said liberals are seen as “physical autonomy” only if they belong to them, saying they don’t maintain that ‘autonomy’ because Americans don’t want the government to demand it. serum injections on them or requiring them to use masks in public and on the go.

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Steyn (News Fox)

“They wanted physical freedom for themselves[selves]but if you want to be a car driver in New York … ‘ah, you only have 7 jabs.’ “

Steyn added that it is not uncommon to seek civil redress, not litigation – citing a recent conversation he had with “My Son Hunter” filmmaker Ann McElhinney about his Home country of Ireland’s 2018 referendum denying its ban.

As for the unidentified leaker, he said there was “a night show on MSNBC waiting for that writer.”

Bo Snerdley releases ‘insidious’ leak of the Film Council: The South are ‘losing their cookies’

Source link Bo Snerdley releases ‘insidious’ leak of the Film Council: The South are ‘losing their cookies’

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