Black men faced with Army Sergeant Sergeant are mentally ill

Jonathan Pentland (JP): Please leave.

Deandre (D): Call the police.

Kathy Pentland (CP): Hey they have already been called …

D: Who are you fighting with?

CP: Maybe we don’t have to hang out a bit more to see what happens and then get the report ourselves.

JP: “What are you doing here?”

D: Walk.

JP & CP: Then walk!

D: That’s what I was doing from my house.

CP: Well, you’ve been here for 15 minutes.

JP: Let’s go away.

CP: Keep walking.

D: I’m walking.

JP: Please leave now. Do you need a help?

D: Is this on the camera?

JP: We will be happy to help you.

D: You hit me …

JP: I didn’t hit you.

D: You just pushed me.

JP: Pressing you and …

CP: I’m sure you were the invader’s companion.

D: How was I an invader when someone ran out of home?

JP: You should stay away. You are talking to my wife now.

D: Is it your wife? I didn’t do anything to your wife, but I will tell you.

CP: leave

JP: Please check it. You either leave or I’m going to do your a * s.

D: Hey if you touch me. Please don’t touch me

JP: What are you going to do?

D: I’m not discussing with you. You are on me

JP: Let’s go

D: I’m not talking to you. I didn’t do anything.

JP: I’m trying to do something for you.

D: I didn’t do anything to her, and I didn’t do anything to her.

JP: You should start walking now.

D: So when you come to me that way, you’re the wrong person

JP: You are in the wrong neighborhood mother **** r. Take it out.

D: I live here

JP: Where? Where is your home? What is your address?

CP: Maybe we should take you home.

D: Do you want to take me home?

JP: Do you want to bet what I can do?

D: I live here.

JP: Okay, but now you’re harassing your neighborhood.

D: I’m not harassing the neighborhood I live in here.

CP: What?

JP: Make sure we are a close community that takes care of each other.

D: How long have you lived here?

JP: Hell much longer than your a * s because I’ve never met you in my life

D: How long have you lived here?

JP: Why is it important to you?

CP: It’s not your job!

D: How long have you lived here?

JP: You know what removes hell from my face!

D: You are approaching me.

JP: Show your face! Check out Motherfucker, I’m not playing with you. You need to move your a * s, otherwise I will move you.

D: It smells drunk.

JP: I want to bet.

D: You are drunk.

JP: I’ll show you what I can do. I will walk. I will walk. I will walk.

D: I’m walking, but you keep following me.

JP: There is only one way to get out of here, and it’s right there.

D: There are multiple ways from here.

JP: I want to bet. Then leave.

D: I was here before the whole subdivision was built.

JP: Yeah, obviously you’ve been harassing us for a while.

D: No one knows you, I don’t know your name either.

JP: This is me, so get to know me well …

D: Who are you?

JP: That doesn’t matter.

D: What is your name?

CP: You don’t need to know his name. Get out of here!

D: Are you a law enforcement officer?

JP: I’m about to throw you away … you want to bet. Can I do much more than you think I can?

CP: You are acting like a child. move on. You chose to fight a random young woman, and she is one of our neighbors.

D: I don’t even know who she is …

CP: Get out of here.

JP: Then walk!

D: When someone rushed to me, no one chose to fight …

CP: All I heard was you fight and she protects herself.

D: What are you fighting for?

One of the black women: Hey, what’s your name? There is no problem.

Black men faced with Army Sergeant Sergeant are mentally ill

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