Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Digital Paradox: Hypercare Time

Expanding online sales with greater reliance on fallable infrastructure

This year’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will test the digital readiness of businesses as well as the public’s desire for online shopping other than blockades.

With the blockade of Covid-19, online shopping reached its highest level in 2021. This accounts for 36% of total UK retail sales compared to 20% before the pandemic.

Digital is a new norm for many retailers. However, the foundation of digital business is not always as strong as we want. Some seemingly robust systems can still go down.

With £ 12.5bn sales at stake at the most important retail calendar event, companies want to minimize the impact of unplanned events, provide customers with a seamless experience, and protect their operations. thinking about.

It employs a model of advanced support for planned events such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Participate in a set of steps and tools, and a culture-based model, HyperCare, to help IT responders respond quickly to unplanned outages.

About your best practices

Prompt response is central to hypercare, which means that IT responders answer the phone, become familiar with the incident management process, and plan to work with which individuals and teams. increase. This plan is developed using crisis management and day-to-day business best practices.

Best practices are a staple in the data center world and are considered a model of reliability. According to the Uptime Institute, “To achieve performance and service availability, it is imperative that you take and maintain the right steps.”

Performing chaos engineering exercises is a convenient way to build a team experience and develop responses. These responses should be captured as a best practice procedure. Incidents should be evaluated based on severity when defining best practices. This allows alerts to target the right team members, respond in a timely and targeted manner, and avoid inefficient “all-in-one” fire drills. Best practices should also establish communication channels between responders.

Automation is an important way to ensure that best practices are implemented. The most efficient way to achieve real-time recovery is to use the auto-triggered response phase, which minimizes interruptions, rather than relying on a manual implementation.

Please tell me the tool

Digital infrastructure is a complex and dynamic multi-provider environment. To manage this, you need tools that allow IT to dig into the system, monitor the state of the system, and proactively fix problems. In short, it’s a tool for real-time monitoring, recording, and tracking of reports on a centralized system.

Digital operations are not lacking in system data and alerts, and without robust management, it can be difficult for IT responders to understand what is happening during an event. This vast amount of data can also cause analysis paralysis with frenzy of alerts, notifications, and false positives. This means that incidents can be undetected or ignored, and responders can be involved in a gun battle, leading to burnout.

Therefore, IT responders need tools to capture relevant system data and alert the “right” people. The former means analysis for analyzing data. The latter requires intelligent alerts-eliminate alert noise and notify only the person in the call for a targeted and quick response.

Don’t blame me-or someone

It’s easy to blame someone for a stop, but a culture of blame cannot solve a problem or prevent it from recurring. Rather, people hide their mistakes and deny insights for IT responders to diagnose and correct things. Incidents can also herald larger problems that can remain hidden and unfixed.

It is important to instill a culture in which people can learn from mistakes and actively prevent further problems. This means creating an environment where employees can raise issues without fear of retaliation, make mistakes without fear of punishment, and investigate new ways of working to solve the problem.


In 2021, the heightened paradox of digital business became apparent. It is becoming more dependent on fallable infrastructure and increasing online sales. Risk cannot be ruled out, but it can be managed by wrapping the system in an additional layer of trial-and-error responses. This is hyper care.

Jill Brennan is PagerDuty’s Vice President of EMEA.

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Digital Paradox: Hypercare Time

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