Blac Chyna says she doesn’t know of any damage the Kardashians did to her

THE ANGELS – Former reality TV star Blac Chyna said on Thursday that she had no personal knowledge of anything Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian or Kylie Jenner had said or done to harm her reputation.

Chyna was on the witness stand for the third day in a Los Angeles court trial in the $ 100 million lawsuit against the four Kardashian women who allegedly forced the cancellation of her “Rob & Chyna” program and damaged her celebrity status. .

While questioning Chyna, Kardashian’s attorney, Michael G. Rhodes, asked out loud, “I’m right, you know nothing about what Khloe Kardashian did or said, verbally or in writing, that had harmed your career?”

“Right,” she replied. “Not to my face.”

The same goes for Kim Kardashian, right?

“Right, everything on my face was fine,” Chyna said.


“While sitting here in this room today, in front of this jury,” said Rhodes, his voice angry, “are you aware of anything any of them have done to harm your reputation?”

“No,” she replied, “but now I know what they did to my back.”

All of Kardashian’s defendants, except Kylie Jenner, were in court on Wednesday. All four were present every two days of the trial.

Chyna, 33, whose legal name is Angela White, fought much harder on the bench than a day before, when she remained composed while discussing a night of celebration in 2016 that turned into a tough fight with her ex-boyfriend and father. of his daughter Rob Kardashian which led to the end of their relationship and their reality series.

She repeatedly said she didn’t understand when Rhodes showed her a document that appeared to have her signature stating that she agreed to receive a $ 100,000 “slaughter fee” for the cancellation of “Rob & Chyna,” at a time when she previously said she still believed the show was going to have a second season.


“I wouldn’t sign this,” he said. “We had the green light.”

Rhodes also read a long list of negative headlines to Chyna about her involvement in public fights and clashes with authorities, and asked if the Kardashians had anything to do with the appearance of those stories.

He tried to refute some and explain others.

“They always report things that are false,” he said following a complaint of a dispute with a neighbor who called police.

But Rhodes replied several times, “I’m not saying it happened or not, I’m just saying there was a public media report. Did I have any reason to believe that any of my clients had anything to do with these reports?

Chyna replied “no” every time.

At one point, she offered to teach Kris Jenner a lesson on the subject.

“Actually, Miss Kris told me that when you have famous kids, people will call you at random to the police and CPS could come,” Rhodes said.


The lawyer took advantage of the moment and twice asked him to tell the jury what “CPS” meant.

“Child protection services,” he said, repeating it louder the second time.

“Have they ever come to your house?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

Chyna is scheduled to return to the booth on Thursday afternoon. She is the first to testify in a case in which the four defendants are also expected to go to the bench.

The lawsuit, filed in 2017, alleges defamation and interference with contracts.

Two other defendants, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, were fired from the case during the pre-trial phase.


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Blac Chyna says she doesn’t know of any damage the Kardashians did to her

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