Biden’s “voting” speech stinks Atlanta

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Vulgarity. It’s horrible. Disgust.

These are three more philanthropic adjectives that describe President Joe Biden’s feasible speech on Tuesday.

The media bid for “racist” voting statements in a “racist, demagogue” Georgia speech.

He flew to Atlanta to promote the so-called “voting” law. HR 5746, page 719 Voting Freedom: John R. Lewis Law nationalizes state election law and takes these sovereignty from the 50 legislatures that have previously defined the “time, place, method” of the voting system. Take control. Articles 1 and 4 of the US Constitution. Biden’s beloved bill will codify many of the dangerous measures that made voting “temporarily” unsafe in 2020 as COVID-19 terrorized the United States.

Biden could have sold this harmful means of elegance, charm, and persuasiveness. He may have associated his words with honey. Instead, Biden bombed the vinegar factory.

“Do you want to be on the side of the doctor? [Martin Luther] King or George Corley Wallace? Biden harassed it and asked. “Which side do you want to be, John Lewis or Bull Connor? Which side do you want to be, Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?” Biden said that all three behind the scenes were Democrats. I forgot.

Greg Gutfeld calls for bids for comment during a speech on the Democratic voting bill

So, as Biden argues, if you don’t like mass mailing votes, you’re like Wallace, the former Democratic Governor of Alabama, to break the administrative process of creating, collecting, and aggregating votes. Wallace’s slogan was “Current Separation, Tomorrow’s Separation, Eternal Separation!” He stood in the door in June 1963 to prevent black students from integrating the University of Alabama.

US President Joe Biden will speak on January 11, 2022, on the premises of Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
(Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

The record did not discourage Biden from praising Wallace in 1975. At that time, Senator Biden said: Say what Americans know in their gut is right. “

The praise was mutual. As Robert S. Boyd of the Detroit Free Press reported in May 1987, when confused among South voters, Biden said, “Former Governor George Corley Wallace made him the best young politician in the United States. Remind them that they praised him as one of the homes. ”


Millions of Americans are reluctant to force states to traffick votes. Biden equates these people with Bull Connor.

Bull Connor sounds like a rodeo star. Not likely. As a Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner, Theophilus “Bull” Connor used dogs instead of cows. He barked, barked, and killed police dogs in May 1963 at peaceful, predominantly black civil rights protesters.

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Indeed, such villains were racist Republicans. Au contraireIn 1960, Bull Connor was elected one of two members of the Democratic National Committee of Alabama.


Banks, hotels, airlines, and other businesses regularly require Americans of all races to present photo ID. Mayor Muriel Bauser of Washington, DC recently requested that residents carry a vaccination card and photo ID whenever they leave the house. A survey of 1,200 voters in the August Honesty Election Project found that 81% supported voter IDs, including 77% of blacks. Biden seems to be President Jefferson Davis of the South Army, whose millions of Americans are slave owners whose troops have killed 364,511 Union soldiers to defend the evil of slavery in the Civil War. Claims.

James Clyburn, DS.C., a member of the House of Representatives who is the third leader in the US House of Representatives, after previously calling voter ID “voting restraint.” Suddenly announced in July last year that it could “absolutely” support the Voter ID Support Act. In fact, Cliburn surprised observers by claiming that “we are always looking for voter IDs.” According to Biden, now that Cliburn has endorsed voter ID, the man who saved the sunken candidate in the Palmetto primary is the reincarnation of Robert E. Lee’s commander-in-chief.

It’s scary.

Biden also summoned the “Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon” and Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney. After disappearing for 44 days in the summer of 1964, the bodies of these racial equality workers were found packed in a soil dam in Mississippi. KKK killed them. Biden associates those who want to remove voters who have emigrated and died from the electoral rolls with the racists who killed Goodman, Schwerner, and Channie.

Biden said he would defend our democracy “against all enemies, foreigners and, of course, domestics.” Therefore, Biden sees domestic enemies as millions of Americans who want the integrity of their elections.

Biden is the same man he said at his inauguration: “With unity we can do great things.” Biden’s idea of ​​unity is to slice the American flag in two at the machete.

Biden’s speech was horrifying, even for Democrats.

“Maybe the president went a little too far with his rhetoric,” Illinois senator Richard Durbin told CNN. Racial arsonist Al Sharpton told MSNBC that Biden’s remarks have not built support. “I think he gave the speech,’You go to hell.'”

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Unless you can convince Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia to rob him of the legislative filibuster, the 2022 Byden’s fraudulent voting instructions will not reach his desk. Cinema and Manchin respect bipartisan and filibuster.

At least 75 million Republicans, and millions more nonpartisan Democrats, want to make voting easier and harder to cheat. Insulting these Americans by matching them with these rebellious Democratic tycoons has left these two senators desperately needed by Biden to enact his dangerous fraud promotion bill. It wasn’t a way to win.

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Biden’s “voting” speech stinks Atlanta

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