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From Washington-US news outlets predicted former Vice President Joe Biden to be the winner in the fierce battles of Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday, almost winning the US presidential election.

“I’m not here to declare we won, but I’m here to report that we believe we’ll be the winner when the count ends.” Biden said Wednesday afternoon.

Biden could reach the voting criteria of the 270 electoral college needed to win the election if it remains the leader in Arizona and Nevada, in addition to Michigan and Wisconsin. Everything except Nevada went to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

In the US Electoral College system, with two exceptions, Maine and Nebraska, the popular Electoral Colleges in each state receive all the electoral colleges assigned based on population.

The state does not declare a winner before all votes are counted, but news organizations predict winners when they conclude that there are not enough uncounted votes left to change the results. ..

According to Edison Research and the Associated Press, Biden also led the national general vote with 70.4 million voters as of Wednesday, compared to 67.1 million votes cast on Trump. Due to the high number of early votes, the total number in 2020 could reach the US record of more than 150 million, with some estimates.

Playing cards

But if Trump can regain one of Biden-led states, there is still a way to victory. The president leads other states that have not yet been called, such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska. By eradicating these, but not reversing the Biden-friendly situation, Trump will win 268 electoral votes, just below the total needed to win.

Pennsylvania currently counts over one million mail votes. The Biden campaign said it has won 78% of mail votes in Pennsylvania. Results in that state are not expected until Thursday or Friday.

The Biden campaign urged supporters to vote by mail to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, but Trump accused the mail vote of fraud and fraud without evidence.

The Trump campaign announced Wednesday that Biden will demand a recount in Wisconsin, which is leading by about 20,000 votes, and has filed a proceeding calling for Biden to stop counting in Michigan, which has more than 35,000 votes. Woke up. The Acting Vice President of Pennsylvania, where Trump received about 389,000 votes at one point, also has legal issues to stop counting mail votes.

According to the Associated Press, the Trump campaign filed a proceeding in Georgia on Wednesday, calling on state election authorities to comply with the law on the storage and counting of absentee votes.

Early Tuesday morning, Trump claimed victory in the elections and made unfounded claims of fraudulent elections, despite continued votes.

“We’re going to the US Supreme Court. We want to stop all votes. Mr. Trump wants to find the ballot at 4am and add it to the list at an early Wednesday morning briefing. No, “he said.

Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission and now a member of the Conservative Heritage Foundation, said: “Counting votes, rejecting absentee votes, extending the duration of absentee votes. He said he expected a legal dispute to disagree with.

In Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump’s team may challenge the legality of the State Supreme Court’s ruling that post-marked mail votes by election date can be counted if the post office delivers them the next day. He said it was expensive.

Partisan split

Anyone who wins the president can face a split parliament.

Democrats have so far failed in their efforts to gain control of the Senate, where Republicans currently make up the majority of 53-47 people.

Democrats won seats in Colorado and Arizona, but lost Democratic seats in Alabama, with seats expected to be vulnerable to Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and Senator Susan Collins in Maine. I couldn’t remove it.

The Senate’s three races remain close, but results in some states, such as Georgia, which vote for the Senate in January, may not be known for some time.

The Democratic Party retains control of the House of Representatives, but did not expand its majority as predicted by pre-election polls.

Duke University professor John Aldrich is unlikely to be “transpartisan” because Mr. Trump is in dispute with Democrats in Congress if he wins the second term. Said.

Biden emphasized the need to heal the country’s deep partisan division in the campaign, so Aldrich said he might be able to reach across the aisle.

“To make progress, we have to stop treating our enemies as enemies. We are not enemies,” Biden said Wednesday.

Biden’s Lead Growing in US Presidential Election | Voice of America

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