Biden’s imaginary weapon rule is expected soon

Steve Dettelbach’s candidacy is expected to be announced on Monday as the Biden administration announces its official rules for curbing imaginary weapons.

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden is nominating a Obama-era U.S. attorney to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as his administration unveils an official policy to curb the growing number of custom-made firearms without serial numbers. At the scene, six people familiar with the matter spoke to the Associated Press.

Biden is expected to announce the candidacy of Steve Dettelbach, who served as a lawyer in the United States in Ohio from 2009 to 2016, at the White House on Monday. They were not authorized to discuss the candidacy openly and spoke to the EP on condition of anonymity.

The administration will also release the final version of the imaginary gun rule, which comes at a time when the White House and the Department of Justice are stepping up pressure on armed deaths and violent crime in the United States.

Dettelbach’s confirmation is likely to be a tough battle for the Biden administration. After months of suspension due to opposition from Republicans and some Democrats in the Senate, Biden had to withdraw the candidacy of ATF’s first candidate, gun control attorney David Chipman.

After the director’s appointment was confirmed in 2006, both Republican and Democratic administrations were unable to nominate candidates for the ATF. Jones passed the Senate in 2013, but after a six-month struggle. Jones served as director when President Barack Obama nominated him in January 2013.

Politico first reported on the Biden administration’s plan.

For almost a year, the imaginary weapon rule has been going through a federal regulatory process. Armed security groups and Democrats in Congress have been demanding for months that the Justice Department end the rule. He is likely to face heavy resistance from armed groups in the coming weeks and will face legal action.

On Sunday, Sen. Chuck Schumer, a senior Democrat in the Senate from New York, called on the administration to act faster.

“It’s time to get rid of the devil’s imaginary weapon before it reaches the peak of proliferation and before more people are injured – or worse,” Schumer said. “My message is simple: you don’t have to wait for these proposed federal regulations anymore.” Nightmare weapons are “very easy to create, very difficult to track, and very dangerous to ignore.”

Statistics from the Department of Justice show that between 2016 and 2020, law enforcement agencies found about 24,000 imaginary weapons at the crime scene and informed the government. It is difficult to say how many weapons are on the streets, because in many cases the police do not seize them. Don’t contact the government about weapons, because they can’t be tracked.

The rule is expected to change the current definition of a firearm under federal law to include incomplete parts, such as a pistol frame or a long weapon receiver.

In a proposal released last May, ATF said it was also trying to get manufacturers and dealers selling imaginary weapon parts to get a license from the federal government and ask federally licensed firearms dealers to add a serial number to their planned non-serial weapons. sell.

The rule will also require firearms dealers to conduct a background check before selling ghost weapon kits containing parts needed to assemble a firearm.

For years, federal officials have been sounding the alarm about the growing black market for home-made, military-type semi-automatic rifles and pistols. In addition to appearing more often in crime scenes, imaginary weapons are increasingly common when federal agents obtain weapons from gang members and other criminals in covert operations.

In recent years, some states, such as California, have passed laws requiring the serial numbers of imaginary weapons to be stamped.

A critical component in the construction of a non-traceable weapon is something known as a low receiver, usually a part made of metal or polymer. An unfinished receiver – sometimes referred to as an “80 percent buyer” – can legally be purchased online without serial numbers or other tokens, and no license is required.

Police across the country are reporting splashes of imaginary weapons found by officials. For example, the New York Police Department says police have found 131 series of firearms since January.

A gunman who killed his wife and four others in Northern California in 2017 was banned from possessing a firearm, but he created his own weapon to possess a firearm. And in 2019, a teenager used a homemade pistol at a school in Los Angeles, killing two classmates and injuring three others.

Biden’s imaginary weapon rule is expected soon

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