Biden tells Erdogan that the US and Turkey must avoid the crisis

Rome – President Joe Biden told Turkey’s President Legep Typ Erdogan at a meeting on Sunday morning at the 20 Group Summit that the alliance has recently been with a U.S. envoy and Turkey’s Russian-made S-400 missile defense system. Aware of purchases longer.

The two leaders are also planning to discuss regional issues involving Syria and Libya, a senior US official said Saturday. Officials claimed anonymity to discuss upcoming conversations between Biden and Erdogan.

Turkey’s role as a NATO ally has been closely monitored in recent weeks. At a rally on October 23, Prime Minister Erdogan said the ten foreign ambassadors seeking the release of imprisoned philanthropists should be declared persona non grata. A delegation, including representatives from the United States, France and Germany, resolves the case of Osman Kavala, a businessman and philanthropist who has been in prison since 2017, despite not being convicted of a crime. I have previously issued a statement calling for.


Erdogan did not track the threat. But that reflects growing tensions with the United States.

“I can’t honestly say that there is a healthy process in Turkey-US relations,” the state-owned Anadolu Agency said in September, said Erdogan.

The two leaders did not meet for bilateral talks as bystanders of the UN General Assembly. Since Biden took office, they met at the NATO Summit in June to discuss the possibility of Turkey securing and operating Kabul International Airport in Kabul. However, these plans evaporated as the Taliban swiftly ruled Afghanistan during the withdrawal of US troops.

The Turkish president said he was ready to buy a second Russian missile system, despite the controversy caused by his 2017 contract to buy a Russian-made S-400 system.

In a September interview with CBS News, Prime Minister Erdogan said Turkey was not given the option to buy an American-made Patriot missile. He also said the United States did not deliver the F-35 stealth jet, despite a $ 1.4 billion payment.


Turkey was expelled from the F-35 program and defense authorities were sanctioned after purchasing a Russian-made S-400 missile defense system. The United States strongly opposes the use of the Russian system within NATO and states that it poses a threat to the F-35. Turkey claims that it poses no risk because the S-400 can be used independently without being integrated into the NATO system.

There are additional sources of tension between the two countries, including Turkey’s human rights records. US support for Syrian Kurdish fighters that Turkey considers to be terrorists. And the continued US residence of Islamic clergy accused of attempting a failed coup against the Erdogan administration in 2016.

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Biden tells Erdogan that the US and Turkey must avoid the crisis

Source link Biden tells Erdogan that the US and Turkey must avoid the crisis

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