Biden taps second official to lead U.S. car safety agency

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October 20, 2021

David Shepherdson

Washington (Reuters)-President Joe Biden plans to appoint a second car safety officer to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the White House confirmed Tuesday.

Stephen Cliff, who has been Deputy Administrator since February, was a key figure in the rewriting of fuel economy standards proposed by the Biden administration until 2026.

He also conducted a safety survey of Tesla’s department and nearly 30 million cars manufactured by with unsafe airbags. I oversee the investigation of whether I have it.

Reuters first reported Cliff’s planned nomination early on Tuesday.

NHTSA later confirmed Reuters’ report that Missy Cummings, a professor of engineering and computer science at Duke University, was appointed as a new senior advisor to NHTSA’s safety, “her experience in safety and autonomous technology” in a statement. I look forward to taking advantage of leadership. “

The agency added that Cummings was named after a “temporary mission” under the Intergovernmental Personnel Law Mobility Program. Cummings has previously expressed concern about Tesla’s autopilot capabilities.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter about her hiring: “Objectively, her achievements are very biased towards Tesla.”

She replied to Musk on Twitter, “I’m glad you always sit down and talk.”

NHTSA, which is part of the US Department of Transportation, faces pending pending vehicle safety regulations and has not had a Senate-confirmed administrator since January 2017. I don’t even have a candidate for https: // article / us-autos-emissions-usa-idUSKCN1V21VGNHTSA’s top work since 2019.

In August, NHTSA proposed a dramatic revision of the Trump administration’s rollback of corporate average fuel economy rules, suggesting an 8% improvement in fuel efficiency for the 2024-2026 model year each year.

Cliff, a former Deputy Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board, said the proposal “reduces about the same amount of climate pollution as if more than 5 million vehicles were taken off the road today.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, NHTSA has seen a sustained increase in road fatalities in the United States due to driving disabilities, speed violations, seatbelt failure, and other dangerous behaviors.

NHTSA estimated 8,730 people last month in the first three months of 2021 Compared to 7,900 deaths in the same period last year, which died in car accidents, mileage increased by 10.5% despite a 2.1% decrease.

Last month NHTSA asked Tesla -10-13 Why did not issue a recall to address software updates added to the Autopilot driver assistance system.

In August, NHTSA launched a formal safety investigation of Tesla’s autopilot system on 765,000 US vehicles after a series of clashes involving Tesla models and emergency vehicles.

In June, it issued an order requesting automakers and drivers equipped with advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems to report collision accidents immediately.

Cummings in an interview in 2018 “It’s a whole new regulatory framework in which agencies like NHTSA supervise self-driving cars, and agencies have the authority to mandate testing and other interventions, but they don’t.” I am.

(Report by David Shepardson in Washington, edited by Matthew Lewis; edited by Kim Coghill)

Biden taps second official to lead U.S. car safety agency

Source link Biden taps second official to lead U.S. car safety agency

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