Biden provides remarks on boosters, borders and reconciliation

Washington DC – September 24: Joe Biden makes a gesture on September 24, 2021 when speaking from the White House State Cafeteria in Washington DC about his administration’s COVID-19 response and vaccination program ( Photo courtesy of Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

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Updated 7:22 PST – Saturday, September 25, 2021

Joe Biden spoke about the response to COVID-19, the crisis along the southern border, and the stagnant $ 3.5 trillion Democratic spending package. Talking from the White House on Friday, Biden advertised his efforts to make the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot publicly available. He announced that anyone who received a second dose of Pfizer vaccine would be eligible for a third dose six months later.

“This is my message today. If you were vaccinated with Pfizer in January, February and March of this year and you are 65 or older, get a booster,” Biden said. .. “Or, if you have a medical condition like diabetes, or if you’re a front-line worker like a healthcare professional or teacher, you can get a free booster right now.”

According to Biden, the goal is to protect what is already fully vaccinated from the virus.

“The bottom line is that if you’re fully vaccinated, you’re highly protected from serious illness, even if you’re infected with COVID-19. In fact, recent data show 5,000 people per day. It shows that there is only one confirmed positive case per fully vaccinated American, “Biden claimed. “You are as safe as possible. You are in good shape and where boosters are coming out.

Biden then shifted the focus of his remarks to two other issues that plagued his presidency. He first tackled an ongoing controversy over the use of horse patrols at the southern border to discourage immigrants from encountering them. The controversy began when a photo was circulated in which the agent appeared to be using his horse’s reign for immigrants.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus argued against the allegations, but explained that the agent had a longer governing period and was not used by immigrants to better manage his horses, but Biden called the agent. Blame.

Biden sought to increase support for the Democratic Party’s two huge spending bills by switching from an international crisis to a domestic crisis. “I support many of these suggestions. I don’t need everything I support to pay for this, but I do support it,” Biden said.

During the coronavirus, border, and Capitol Hill crises, Biden headed to Camp David, spending the weekend far away from Washington and far from the problems that plunged his approval rate.

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Biden provides remarks on boosters, borders and reconciliation

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