Biden promotes ‘equitable employment initiatives’ between government agencies

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The Biden administration this week unveiled a number of initiatives among government agencies to promote racial equality and support “underserved communities” to implement an implementation order from President Biden.

Biden signed an order on Inauguration Day directing agencies to “seek a broad path to achieving equality for all, including reds and other disadvantaged people. historically, marginalized, and plagued by chronic poverty and inequality. ”

PENTAGON launches ‘EQUITY’ project

Over a year later, more than 90 departments, including all Ministries, released their plans, revealing more than 300 projects and work plans to be completed. the correctness of federal policies.

“Across the federal government, agencies are doing a great job of increasing federal funding and supporting communities that have been in the right place for the longest possible time, including communities in the country. color, Tribal communities, rural communities, LGBTQI + communities, people with disabilities, women and girls, and communities plagued by chronic poverty, ”the Press said.

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The Department of Homeland Security has released a plan that focuses on everything from naturalization, obtaining human security, opting for DHS agreements, combating forms of terrorism and suspected misconduct, filing complaints and seeking redress in DHS programs and activities, air traffic inspection and admission. Reliable travel programs.


As part of the plan, DHS pledged to “identify barriers that can prevent access to naturalization among underserved communities” and remove those barriers to make it easier to natural process. In addition, DHS said it would “increase engagement” with small businesses entitled to or without supporting “members of underserved communities.”

The agency also said it would work to “increase male identification options” for some travel programs such as TSA PreCheck.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced it would seek to restructure its supply chain in order to open up opportunities for underserved communities. It will also support various programs that assist those communities on the battlefields, such as American -American and community -based activities.

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In other departments, the Department of Labor is working to implement wage and hour limits, while the Department of Housing and Urban Development is working to eliminate racial inequality in housing. The Environment Protection Agency said it is developing a program to evaluate the impact of pollution on underserved communities and help families with low incomes remodel their homes.

The Department of Justice is improving access to the language in its programs to help people with proficiency in English report wrongdoing, while the Department of the Interior is providing technical assistance to American families. help them apply for scholarships.

The director said the plans were “a serious task ahead.”

“Achieving equity is not a one -year project – it’s a commitment,” the Press said.

Fox News’ Kyle Morris and The Associated Press provided the report.

Biden promotes ‘equitable employment initiatives’ between government agencies

Source link Biden promotes ‘equitable employment initiatives’ between government agencies

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