Biden must decide whether to leave Americans behind or endanger the deaths of more Americans in Kabul

President Joe Biden faced a presidential decision in an attack that killed at least 12 US troops outside Kabul Airport on Thursday. Increasing security threats.

He spent the day preparing a speech to the public at 5 pm with the National Security Team.

The White House broke his schedule, postponed the first face-to-face meeting with the new Israeli Prime Minister, and canceled a video conference with the governor about the arrival of Afghan refugees in their state.

Instead, those familiar with the room of the situation said he had to decide whether to launch a strike on the future of the evacuation program and the groups behind the attack.

Delaying his departure carries risks, but leaving it too seen can mean that 1000 Americans will be abandoned.

The Islamic State, which has an Afghan affiliate known as ISIS-Khorasan (referring to the historic name of the region), has claimed responsibility for the attack.

During a meeting in the White House’s East Room, President Joe Biden faces crucial decisions about how he treats Afghanistan and his promise to go out by August 31st. ..

ISIS blamed the attack on Kabul, which killed at least 60 people around Kabul's airport on Thursday

ISIS blamed the attack on Kabul, which killed at least 60 people around Kabul’s airport on Thursday

ISIS-K is hostile to the Taliban, which wiped out the Taliban from its bases in Nangarhar and Kunar last year, but analysts said they would have the opportunity to attack foreigners and embarrass the new Afghan rulers. rice field.

Some counts suggest that since the group was founded in 2015, it has carried out about 100 attacks on private targets, with an additional 250 involving security services in the United States, Afghanistan, or Pakistan. doing.

They grew rapidly as local commanders abandoned their loyalty to the Taliban in support of groups conquering Middle Eastern territories and enjoyed fame and financial support.

However, terrorist experts said the Taliban occupied the country’s strips, making them less noticeable in the past year.

After the Kabul attack, former intelligence officials said, “I have never heard of them having the ability to launch such an attack.”

“I wonder if they had support.”

The blast sent shock waves around the world and struck Washington. There, Biden, who is already confused, now has to decide what to do with him.

Lisa Curtis, senior director of South and Central Asia at President Trump’s National Security Council, said he hopes the president will accelerate his withdrawal.

“I don’t think this is surprising, as there were increasing signs that there was a potential attack planned by ISIS-K.

“That’s why Biden is sticking to the August 31st deadline.

“If anything, they intend to accelerate the withdrawal of US troops from the airport.”

She said the US is unlikely to resume refugee processing with US troops scheduled to fly on Saturday.

Biden left his options open this week. In his speech on Tuesday, he said that every day he spends in the country increases his risk.

He mentioned the dangers of ISIS-K.

“The sooner we can finish, the better. Daily operations pose additional risks to our army,” he said.

But he added that completion by August 31 would depend on the Taliban’s continued cooperation and access to the airport for people in transit.

“In addition, we asked the Department of Defense and the Department of State for an emergency response plan to adjust the schedule if needed.”

But the extension will probably hurt, said Richard Hoagland, a former deputy US envoy to Afghanistan and ambassador to South and Central Asia.

He said:’What would the Taliban do if Biden extended the date?

“And obviously, this attack was by ISIS-Khorasan, which means that ISIS is in Afghanistan and the Taliban do not allow their stay?

“It’s just wishful thinking.”

Nathan Sales, a former ambassador to counter terrorism under the Trump administration, said the attack meant that the Taliban had disappointed their side of the deal.

“As long as it takes all Americans in the country and all Afghanistan who are eligible to come to the United States to support our troops or serve with our troops, evacuation will continue. Should be, “he said.

To do that safely, he urged the administration to regain the Bagram Air Force Base, which was vacated last month but would provide a safer evacuation hub.

He also said Biden must immediately allow air strikes on the perpetrators of the attack.

“You can’t kill American sailors and marines with immunity,” he said.

“We need to find people who are responsible for this, and not only to take revenge on our corrupt people, but because if they make one attack, they will make another. , You need to leave the battlefield.

Biden must decide whether to leave Americans behind or endanger the deaths of more Americans in Kabul

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