Biden meets Erdogan in boiling tension

US President Joe Biden is meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the G20 Summit in Rome on Sunday amid intense tensions and strategic disagreements between Washington and Ankara.

Biden administration executives told reporters in Rome on Saturday that leaders defended issues in various regions, including Syria and Afghanistan, Ankara’s acquisition of Russia’s S-400 missile defense system and US F-16 purchase request. He said he would discuss the issue. Fighter.

At a meeting on Sunday, officials avoided the crisis of Ankara’s recent threat to expel the United States from Prime Minister Erdogan and the ambassadors of nine other countries seeking the release of imprisoned philanthropist Osman Kavala. He warned that he needed to work to do so.

A high-ranking government official told reporters in Rome on Saturday. “I don’t really even know if there was a meeting if he were there. [Erdogan] I was willing to go ahead and be banished. “

In 2019, during the administration of former US President Donald Trump, the Pentagon purchased Turkey’s S-400 air defense system, driving Turkey out of the F-35 program. Currently, Ankara wants to buy 40 F-16 fighters from Lockheed Martin of the United States and nearly 80 modernization kits for existing Air Force fighters.

US MPs urged the Biden administration not to sell the F-16 to Turkey, saying Ankara “acted like an enemy.”

“This conference is important for President Biden to send a message to Turkey about acceptable and unacceptable behavior from NATO allies,” said Deputy Director of the European, Russian and Eurasian Programs of the Institute for Strategic International Affairs. Rachel Elehus said. the study. Biden said he would convey his expectations for Turkey as a partner on a variety of issues, including security challenges after the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, its role in the Black Sea region, and performance at NATO.

Bilateral relations between the two NATO allies are also tense over human rights. As President, Biden promised to restore human rights and democracy as a pillar of US foreign policy. Prior to taking office last August, then-Democratic presidential candidate Biden advocated a new US approach to the “dictatorship” Erdogan. Ankara accused the comment of being an “interventionist.”

Since then, the two leaders have taken a more practical approach to maintaining the relationship. Biden is keen to avoid another escalating flash point in the region following the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, but Erdogan is politically embarrassed at home.

“Turkey’s economy is sluggish, he [Erdogan] It’s actually losing popularity, “says Ellehuus. “I think he needs to be at least recognized as working with President Biden, whether he admits it or not.”

This is the second face-to-face debate between leaders under President Biden, following the NATO summit in Brussels in June.

Biden meets Erdogan in boiling tension

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