Biden launches Hunter’s misinformation committee led by Russian “expert” who called Hunter’s laptop “product”

Nina Jankowicz, a Russian disinformation expert, will chair the new Security Committee of the Department of Security.

President Biden has set up a “misinformation” table led by an awakening called an expert against freedom of expression, and Hunter tried to throw cold water at the laptop scandal.

Nina Jankowicz will chair the Department of Security’s Disinformation Governance Committee as executive director, Politico Playbook reported on Wednesday morning.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas did not disclose the powers he would delegate to the dystopian committee, which spoke to lawmakers on Wednesday.

He explained that the council will work to address misinformation ahead of the November term, especially in Hispanic communities.

But Mayorkas said the new leadership would be under the auspices of the Center for Roadside Prevention Programs and Cooperation (CP3), which would not have the power to deal with misinformation and would instead try to fight by throwing money at anyone it sees. as a problem.

The (CP3) program provides communities with resources and tools to prevent radicalization of violence. Last year, CP3 provided about $ 20 million in grants through the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Program. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Mayokras noted that the focus of the new commission would be to spread misinformation in minority communities, including election misinformation, before the 2022 term.

He added that he is expected to focus on the latest trend of misinformation aimed at Spanish-speaking voters. No further details were shared about the specific misinformation that is spreading against these communities.

Jankowicz, who announced in Mayorkas after meeting with lawmakers that he was the head of the department, tweeted: “The cat is out of the bag.

Senator Josh Hawley said Jankowicz told the NPR last week

Senator Josh Hawley said Jankowicz told NPR last week that he was “terrified to think” that more free speech on social media platforms had been made on Twitter after Elon Musk made an offer on Twitter.

Jankowicz is eight months pregnant with her first child and is a very prolific tweeter

Jankowicz is eight months pregnant with her first child and is a very prolific tweeter

Woke Nina Jankowicz is now chairing Biden’s dystopia “misinformation committee”

Nina Jankowicz had made a name for herself before being appointed head of Biden’s Russian disinformation unit.

Jankowicz, 33, is a successful author and is currently eight months pregnant with her first child. He grew up in New Jersey and works with Michael Stein.

The couple is happy to own a million dollars in Arlington, Virginia, with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

Jankowicz attended Bryn Mawr College and Georgetown University before pursuing a brilliant career in foreign relations.

He managed programs for Russia and Belarus at the National Democratic Institute.

Jankowicz also advises the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on disinformation and strategic communications

He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Eurasia Foundation and is a global member of the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

But the author is known as a prominent voice who has awakened on the net.

Biden’s latest book, How To Be A Woman Online, has just been released and deals with Internet bullying and trolling.

He has complained about his private Facebook and Instagram accounts trying to follow him on TV and find out more about his life.

Jankowicz says he prefers strangers to follow his Twitter account, and believes many of those who criticize him on the net are jealous of his blue control mark and career in the media.

He has identified five types of trolls that are most targeted by him, including the types of “response boys” who try to mingle in every aspect of his life, including how brown he toasts bread.

Despite saying that the campaign for free speech is online, Jankowicz has come out against the First Amendment.

In line with many online progressives who have begun to call for an end to freedom of expression, Jankowicz recently tweeted: .

Elon Musk also said that the possibility of taking over Twitter was “shaking”.

But Jankowicz – who has a pet dog and a cat – has not joined forces with thousands of other liberals who have vowed to leave the platform as a result of Musk’s purchase.

“It is an honor to serve in the Road Administration @DHSgov and to contribute to the disinformation efforts against us.”

He added that “a HUGE focus of our work, and indeed one of the main reasons for the creation of the Council, is to maintain the Department’s commitment to the protection of freedom of expression, privacy, civil rights and civil liberties.”

Russian disinformation expert called President Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop a “Trump campaign product.”

This raises questions about Jankowicz’s ability to judge misinformation accurately, as several sources confirm Hunter’s laptop’s validity.

Jankowicz also suggested last week that he was opposed to the First Amendment because he thought it was bad for the “marginalized communities” and called Elon Musk an “absolutist of free speech” because he wanted to make Twitter more open to all voices.

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

Jankowicz is a fellow at the Wilson Center, where he examines the “intersection of democracy and technology in Central and Eastern Europe.” He is also the author of How To Lose the Information War: Russia, Fake News, and the Future of Conflict.

As Hunter Biden’s laptop stories began to emerge, several outlets, social media and left-wing misinformation experts said it was just misinformation from Trump and others on the right.

In an October 2020 report, Jankowicz claimed that he was skeptical about the contents of the laptop and that of Hunter.

“We should see it as a product of Trump’s campaign,” he told the New York Daily News at the time.

Twitter repeatedly removed the Hunter Biden laptop story and prevented it from spreading on the platform.

Millionaire Elon Musk, who recently bought Twitter, said his goal is to make the social media platform a more open “digital town square”.

“Freedom of expression is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is a digital public square where debates that are essential to the future of humanity are discussed,” Musk wrote on the acceptance of the purchase.

Jankowicz spoke to NPR last week and Musk questioned the purchase of the platform and

“I am horrified that if freedom of expression absolutists were to take on more platforms, what would it be like for marginalized communities,” he said.

He said that these groups were “already … on the backs of these abuses” and said that freedom of expression and non-censorship on social media would be made worse.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted a statement from NPR saying:

“This is the person Joe Biden has just put in charge of the American language police. Using government power.”

Jankowicz advised the Ukrainian government on the strategist’s communications; he also managed programs to support democracy in Russia and Belarus.

He received a master’s degree in Russian, Eurasian and Eastern European Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and a bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College.

Jankowicz's dog

Jankowicz's cat

The Biden nominee regularly posts photos of his pet dog and cat online

Billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter this week and says he plans to make a platform for more free speech

Billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter this week and says he plans to make a platform for more free speech

Biden launches Hunter’s misinformation committee led by Russian “expert” who called Hunter’s laptop “product”

Source link Biden launches Hunter’s misinformation committee led by Russian “expert” who called Hunter’s laptop “product”

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