Biden is “internationalized” “Influential Selection Washington’s Illness”: Miranda Divine

New York Post columnist Miranda Divine traced the roots of the corruption of the political elite on Friday’s Fox News Prime Time.

“Joe Biden has internationalized what was actually an influential selection illness in Washington,” she told guest host Rachel Campos Duffy. “Joe Biden was a past master in Delaware and had a very strong position in the Senate, and of course he internationalized it when he became Vice President.”

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Devine emphasized the news that Paul Pelosi Jr., son of house speaker Nancy Pelosi, has relationships with five companies investigated by federal agencies. Similarly, Mr Divine said he “enriched himself” by choosing stocks in companies whose mothers have regulatory authority.

“And when this was raised in Congress, Nancy Pelosi came out and said,’Oh, it’s a free market and we have the right to do what we love,'” Divine said.

“They are shameless, especially Democrats … Republicans are involved in this,” she continued. “They are absolutely shameless in denying accountability. You don’t go to Congress to enrich yourself, but this is what many of these people have done.”

“I really hate it,” she added.

Next, the author emphasized the hypocrisy of politicians in giving lectures on corruption to other countries. [they]”I’m acting the same or worse.”

Divine observed that such hypocritical corruption was “common”.

“You don’t give money to strong people. You give money to what is called the Princelings in China,” she said. They are “powerful people, oligarchy, sons of rulers, and sometimes daughters.”

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“And in the case of Pelosi, you want to curry in favor of their father and mother, so you give them money,” she concludes.

Biden is “internationalized” “Influential Selection Washington’s Illness”: Miranda Divine

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