Biden emphasizes vaccination as the US approaches 100 million shots

Washington – President Joe Biden will highlight his administration’s impetus to dramatically expand the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday. Presidential position.

From the beginning, Biden has set clear and achievable indicators of success, whether vaccination or reopening of school, as part of a clear strategy of disappointing and over-providing. I did. Aides believe that exceeding his goals will create confidence in the government after the Trump administration has sometimes made fantasy rhetoric about the virus.

The 100 million dose target was first announced on December 8, a few days before the United States obtained at least one COVID-19 licensed vaccine. Not to mention the three that are currently receiving urgent approval. Still, even if optimistic, it was generally found within reach.

By the time Biden was launched on January 20, the United States had already administered 20 million shots at a dose of about 1 million per day, complaining when Biden’s goal was not sufficiently ambitious. Called. Biden revised it up to 150 million times in the first 100 days.


Currently, the United States is giving an average of about 2.2 million injections a day, and vaccine supply is expected to surge, so the pace of vaccination could rise dramatically later this month.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported 96 million injections to authorities since Biden’s inception, but those reports are behind the actual date of administration. The vaccination trend line shows that Biden topped 100 million on Thursday, and that number could be confirmed by the CDC over the weekend.

Biden was expected to commemorate this opportunity on Thursday with a White House speech requested to provide up-to-date information on the country’s vaccination efforts.

The president has speeded up the delivery of vaccines from Pfizer, Modana, and Johnson & Johnson, and increased the number of places to receive injections, allowing people to administer them. The constraint is lifted.


The risk of setting too rosy expectations may be defined by the administration’s failure to meet them, as in May 2020 when President Donald Trump said the country “winned” the virus. It means that it cannot be done.

At that time, about 80,000 people died from the virus in this country. This week, the death toll in the United States exceeded 538,000. Trump’s lazy approach and lack of credibility also contributed to poor compliance with public security rules among Americans.

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Biden emphasizes vaccination as the US approaches 100 million shots

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