Biden clams when the Nantacket business owner challenges him to name his favorite chowder

When the United States celebrated Thanksgiving, President Biden visited New England for a vacation and was asked to choose between clam chowder: New England or Manhattan.

“Which do you like better, Manhattan or New England clam chowder?” Sean Dew, co-founder of the Nantucket store Town Pool, asked Biden on Saturday.

“I don’t like it either,” Biden replied.

Biden spotted without a mask indoors in Nantucket shopping

“Oh, that’s what,” Dew replies before saying.

Biden says, “No, no, no, New England clam chowder.”

New England and Manhattan have long fought over the King of Clam Chowder. The New England version boasts a creamy soup, and the Manhattan version has a tomato-based soup.

TownPool told Fox News on Sunday that Dew often asked shopkeepers what their favorite chowder was and described it as a “running joke.” The store’s Instagram page shows celebrities and celebrities answering the same question from Dew, such as James Carrville, Amanda Knox, John Hope Bryant, and John Kerry.

I also posted an easy-going exchange video on Instagram, along with a variety of merchandise sold under the Biden name.

“We received a lot of hatred for posting the videos and products we sell,” Town Pool told Fox News by email. “Ironically, the majority of our staff did not vote for the president, but we were honored to have visited him.”

The store added that it had previously faced “double irony” when “struck to the left for selling a Nan Texas shirt.”

TownPool also advertised Biden as “the first incumbent president to spend the night in Nantucket since President Grant in 1874.”

Biden thanks immigrants and frontline workers and remembers the army in the Thanksgiving Day declaration

Biden celebrated Thanksgiving this year at the private equity billionaire Nantacket’s house. This has sparked anger from some Republicans claiming they have not touched on the struggles Americans face as inflation soars during the holiday season.

Byden is joined by Thanksgiving First Lady Jill Biden, Hunter, Melissa, Ashley, Naomi, Finnegan, Mage, Natalie, Hunter Jr., (Baby) Beau Biden, and Naomi’s fiancĂ©e Peter Neal.

Biden Thanksgiving Menu released by White House

According to the White House menu, Byden’s Thanksgiving menu includes time-roasted turkey “Grandma Jacobs’ Delicious Stuffing”, turkey gravy, roasted kitchen garden vegetables, sweet potatoes, kale, button mushrooms and cranberry sauce. Was there.

He also Moved to the Coast Guard station Brant Point in Nantucket visited military personnel stationed there on Thursday and called troops stationed virtually all over the world “thank them for their service and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.”

Biden, who spends Thanksgiving at Billionaire’s Nantucket’s house, shows that he’s not in contact, Republicans say.

He also did some local shopping on the island on Saturday, where he shopped without a mask, even though he urged Americans across the country to wear such a face cover. I found that I was shopping in.

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Outside of Murray’s Togery shop, a sign was seen instructing patrons to wear masks, and the island resumed its indoor mask obligations earlier this month. However, Biden was found pulling a mask under his chin while taking a walk in the store.

Biden clams when the Nantacket business owner challenges him to name his favorite chowder

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