Biden campaign officials criticize Facebook’s 2020 election process

In the illustration in this photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a hearing by the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation entitled “Does Section 230’s Drastic Disclaimer Allow Big Tech’s Bad Behavior?” I saw it on the mobile screen while doing remote testimony. Located in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, United States.

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Some Biden campaigners have criticized Facebook for handling the 2020 elections, suggesting that the company’s next administration, which has been under increasing government scrutiny in recent years, may not be easy. There is.

Facebook is currently facing antitrust investigations and investigations from several federal and state agencies. Politico reported last week that it includes the Federal Trade Commission, which is likely to sue Facebook for antitrust violations by the end of the month. Since first witnessing the Cambridge Analytica scandal in Congress in 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been called in many times to explain his company’s actions to government officials. In 2020 alone, he testified at the House Antitrust Subcommittee, the Senate Commerce Committee, and the FTC.

Biden officials have now signaled that they are paying close attention.

On Wednesday, Megan Krasen, senior paid media adviser to the Biden campaign, criticized Facebook’s choice of words to indicate that Biden had won the election.

Bill Russo, deputy communications director for the Biden campaign, accused Facebook of mishandling information on 10 tweets on Monday.

A Facebook spokesman said in response to these tweets that Biden’s campaigners weren’t involved, but praised the company’s election treatment.

Rob Flaherty, digital director of the Biden campaign, has also posted several tweets criticizing the company’s policy on political advertising.

In the statement On October 29, Flaherty accused Facebook of not explicitly explaining its decision not to allow new political ads a week before the election. That policy decision was plagued by the technical problem of improperly blocking ads sent before the deadline.

Flaherty again criticized Facebook’s advertising policy on Wednesday. This time around, there’s a problem with the company’s decision not to allow political advertising until December. This decision will affect the campaign for the two Senate elections in Georgia. Flaherty said in a December 2018 Facebook statement after Facebook Product Management Director Rob Leathern tweeted that he had no technical ability to allow ads in certain conditions and block ads in others. I responded with a link. Washington does not allow local political advertising.

Biden officials filed other complaints against Facebook long before the election. In September, the campaign sent a letter to Zuckerberg accusing the platform of retreating efforts to protect US democracy.

Specifically, the campaign criticized Facebook’s decision not to take action, banned videos posted on the Trump campaign’s Facebook page featuring Donald Trump Jr., and his father’s opponents said, “Your There are plans to add millions of fraudulent votes that can be canceled and overturned. ” “

Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, said in a letter, “Companies who consider themselves to be the good power of democracy and take voter oppression seriously receive hundreds of this dangerous applause. I wouldn’t allow it to spread to everyone. ” “Delete this video should have been the easiest phone call under your policy, but it still remains today.”

Biden campaign officials criticize Facebook’s 2020 election process

Source link Biden campaign officials criticize Facebook’s 2020 election process

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