Biden believes student lenders need to get specific information from taxpayers.

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Leader Biden is once again trying to keep track of his voter numbers by writing a letter to student loans using American backpacks.

With nearly every medical aid program that has collapsed in the economy, which the president has often said has grown the fastest in four years, COVID limits have been restored and moved back to normal. rear view mirror.

Americans are returning to their daily lives, weighing the responsibilities of work and family. However, according to the president and Democrats in the conference, it is important that taxpayers continue to invest the largest and regressive investment in wealth at the highest level in recent history, in the future. sounds of $ 5 billion per month.

Student debt is not forgiven, it is a debt for everyone.

As of March 2020, no federal student lender, with no income or ability to work, will be required to make a student loan payment – not a penny in two years.

These delays were thought to serve as a safety net in the height of the disease. Two years later, the deferral has cost $ 150 billion in spending that has greatly benefited lawyers, doctors, and bankers who have borrowed their debt at graduate school.

In fact, the pay cut – seen by the White House as a shining fulfillment of its commitment to justice and fairness – gives undergraduates only ten cents each. money given to doctors. That additional $ 150 billion in unsecured land debt will make it harder to raise funds for COVID therapeutics or large Pell Grants for low -income students and add to the hidden tax of inflation and high debts. for future generations.

Now, facing a legislative process and an escalation crisis exacerbated by the disastrous policies of his administration, President Biden is doing what is necessary for policy and expansion, for the second time in a row. time, the “last increase” of relaxation and the intention to cut tens of thousands. student loans for 44 million loans.

BIDEN eliminating student debt would be better off, experts say.

Measuring progress, he is living up to his promise to over 100 million tax -free and student debtors to support this boondoggle. President Biden grabs the trash and puts politics on account of policies.

The left has argued for respite and supportd to eliminate the rights of student debtors to taxpayers on the basis of anything and everything from “economic, racial, and gender inequality” to the change of aniau.

In recording the progress, President Biden has broken his promise of over 100 million in taxes without the student loan that supports this boondoggle.

However, when it comes to legislation, House and Senate Democrats are (not) surprised by student debt. Instead of doing their jobs, senior Democrats are asking the president to do their dirty work for them, calling for a further increase by the end of the year and money. Debt relief by executive fiat.

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The agency acknowledges this elitist grant by arguing that borrowers are not ready to pay their monthly bills. And progress is being made back to this erroneous controversy by reporting election data from a group whose mission is to end student debt without looking at the data that no longer needs help – e.g. 2.9 per cent of underemployment of graduate students and at least 1 per cent of personal creditors in need of crisis care assistance.

FILE – President Biden spoke about the disaster that affected at least five states and left a major disaster at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del., Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021.
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The most difficult reason to eliminate the population and this chronic disease treatment cited by successful developers is to reduce the impact of the population crisis.

Low -income families have a harder time getting a degree and are less likely to get a college degree. Economists politically agreed that the pay cut had increased inflation – Larry Summers was included.

In fact, a recent review found that extending vacation leave until the end of the year could easily slow an increase of over 9 percent. Filling the economy by forgiving the debt with a trillion and a half dollars will not be conducive to growth. And the single mother of three earns nearly double the salary and struggles to put food on the table for her family doesn’t want to take the monthly paycheck for a Harvard MBA graduate.

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So why is President Biden doing this? Simply put, he bases politics and elections on his financial responsibility and morality.

Seven out of ten Americans were not very interested in this drive when we went in the first season. Bad times are calling for serious action, and Uncle Joe’s treasurer is on the left who hopes to save Democrats from a disastrous mid -term election that will hurt taxpayers.

Richard Burr is the Republican of North Carolina in the United States Senate.

Biden believes student lenders need to get specific information from taxpayers.

Source link Biden believes student lenders need to get specific information from taxpayers.

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