Biden admin strengthens community grants from COVID bill

Washington – President Joe Biden’s administration has begun to make $ 3 billion in economic development grants available to the community. This is a 10-fold increase over the programs paid by this year’s COVID-19 Relief Bill.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Thursday that her agency would begin accepting applications for competitive grants.

“This is about the real help in rebuilding communities across the country,” Lymond said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press. “It’s about long-term investments to help the community build themselves from the bottom up in the way that works best for them.”

Grants cover support for local infrastructure, vocational training programs, and the development of new industries. The beneficiary is selected based on the expected return on investment in the taxpayer. Lymond was scheduled to appear at the White House press conference on Thursday to promote the new program.


“These are the taxpayer dollars we are investing in in the community, so we want to help them recover properly,” Lymond said. “These investments help ensure that they can be rebuilt more sustainably and more equitably in the best possible way.”

The government also hopes that the competitiveness of this program will encourage private sector and philanthropic organizations to focus on community rehabilitation by making their own development commitments. $ 1 billion is available in a competitive process for 20 to 30 regions to spend on projects to rebuild the economy, with a $ 750 million grant for travel, tourism and outdoor recreation.

10% of the coal community has been struggling for decades in the transition from fossil fuels and is at the economic mercy of the Biden administration’s more aggressive efforts towards clean energy technology. Will be assigned.


“This is not fictitious. It’s about today’s true high-paying work and the investment needed to keep it going.”

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Biden admin strengthens community grants from COVID bill

Source link Biden admin strengthens community grants from COVID bill

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