Biden admin sends various messages about Russian war crimes

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President Biden’s administration has been sending various messages about Russian war crimes during the invasion of Ukraine.

Asked on Friday if an attack at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant could be a war crime against the U.S. government, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said internal investigations were ongoing.

“We have an internal review that is underway before tonight to gather evidence and data on the search of civilians, for the use of deadly weapons in the world in Ukraine,” he said. Psaki.


“It was an ongoing process. We didn’t make assumptions.

However, the United States reported in Ukraine on Friday morning that the Russians had committed a war crime.

“Attacking a nuclear plant is a war crime. Putin’s accusation against Europe’s largest nuclear plant would take his reign of terror to one level,” the envoy added.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed since Russian forces began occupying public places in Ukraine, according to many reports. At least one smallpox hit a hospital, killing four and injuring 10.

The first Geneva Convention in 1864 banned the attack on medical personnel on the battlefield.

“We can’t confirm the existence of the use of thermobaric weapons in Ukraine, we can’t confirm the use or survival of thermobaric weapons in Ukraine. We see evidence of them moving their shelters, “United States spokeswoman Linda Thomas- Greenfield said Wednesday.

“We can’t confirm those reports. So before I think about what to show, I’ll just tell you we know them, but we can’t confirm those reports. show. “

Smaller cannons are explosives that have small ammunition. They can strike open spaces and destroy entire civilian communities.

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Ukraine’s foreign minister sued Russia last week for “war crimes” after he said Moscow had attacked a kindergarten and an orphan and Ukraine vowed to send evidence. the invasion of The Hague.

Some houses in Starobilsk in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast region show severe damage as a result of the fire, according to photos provided by Ukraine’s State Emergency Service.
(State Special Operations of Ukraine)

“Russia’s attack on a kindergarten and an orphan today is a war crime and a violation of Roman law,” Dmytro Kuleba said, referring to the agreement that established to the International Criminal Court.

Russia has more votes in the UN Security Council than in any other body, according to Watch dog show. These days, Russia has it blocked investigations into war crimes committed in the Syrian civil war.

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Biden admin sends various messages about Russian war crimes

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