Bexar County Commissioner Weighted After Social Media Attack by Employer, BCSO Donor

San Antonio โ€“ In a bitter letter to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff encourages Salazar to attack the third district commissioner Trish Debury by the owner of the Black Rifle Coffee Company on social media. He criticized him for ignoring it.

In a letter dated June 14, Wolff said Salazar was “one of the ugliest and most explicit indications of sexism and personal attacks I have ever seen in 50 years of politics.” He accused him of escaping the situation he called. Of control.

BCSO presented a check to buy a boat

According to Wolff, a social media attack by Jared Taylor, one of the owners of a coffee company, caused sheriffs to pay taxpayers the cost of maintaining a boat the day after the commissioner court postponed the purchase of a BCSO boat. It started until it was provided to the court. You have to pay. After the meeting, Salazar accepted a $ 32,000 donation in the form of a mock check to buy the boat from Taylor and his company.


The letter states that Taylor attacked Deberry on his Instagram account for asking Salazar about buying and maintaining a boat.

“Black coffee intervenes, makes sure our community rides your tall horses and has what you need, and fails the people you serve. Create your own ads for free. So please do your best in the next election, “said the post.

According to Wolff, the post, as a woman, as a leader, and as her family, set the stage for hundreds of “sneaky and sneaky posts” attacking Debury. time. “

A county judge then strongly criticized Salazar for taking no action and allowing the attack to escalate.

“It is beyond criticism for community leaders to encourage such action for political purposes. More importantly, other community leaders ignore the action and unite without blaming it. What does it say if you allow it to continue publicly without doing it? The sneaky behavior shown in this matter is that it is an insult to human dignity and the values โ€‹โ€‹of tolerance and respect shared by the community. No change, it shouldn’t be tolerated, “Wolf said.


Wolff concluded the letter by stating that boats could not be purchased with money from the Black Rifle Coffee Company and would support the purchase of boats if the county funds and plans to maintain them were included.

Commissioner Trish Debury says he is considering submitting a police report because the threat was against her and her family. She also accuses Salazar of inciting the attack.

“As one of the women who appeared in court for the first time in about 25 years, it’s very disappointing to me to see 800 unpleasant, foul and vulgar texts,” she said. “You don’t have to blame the Black Rifle Coffee Company, because I don’t think they were given the complete story about my question, and I blame the sheriff for not giving the complete context. DeBerry states that the April delay was not a delay, but a request to further justify the use of taxes.

Deberry also expressed concern that the sheriff did not contact her directly about the threat to her, but one of the leaders of his staff knew them well.


Salazar issued the following statement regarding Wolff’s letter:

“I received Judge Wolf’s letter and understand his position. The first time I saw a particular comment on this issue was clearly cut and pasted into Judge Wolf’s letter. We are preparing a follow-up presentation on patrol / rescue boats to the commissioner court that will not burden taxpayers. The unfortunate area drowning reported when I was writing this was Bexer County. Shows the need for this life-saving facility in. “

Wolf’s letter can be read in its entirety below.

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Bexar County Commissioner Weighted After Social Media Attack by Employer, BCSO Donor

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