#BettyWhiteChallenge Raises Animal Money and Awareness

The late Betty White was a tireless advocate of animals, from caring for homeless people to launching her own weekly television show, Pet Set, dedicated to celebrity friends and their pets. ..

But her most extensive contribution may not yet come. On Monday, White fans are ready to donate to animal welfare charities and shelters as part of what is called the #BettyWhiteChallenge. And animal welfare nonprofits are preparing to take advantage of the virus’s compliments to the “Golden Girls” and “Hot in Cleveland” stars that would have been her 100th birthday. We are.

“I had a lot of conversations with Betty about animal welfare, and I know she’s looking down from heaven and really smiling,” White leads American Human, an animal welfare organization that has been involved for over 60 years. Robin Ganzat said.

“She will smile on her birthday,” she said. “And she will smile about her unusual life.”


It’s not clear who started the #BettyWhiteChallenge on social media shortly after White died on December 31st. However, the idea of ​​donating $ 5 to a local animal rescue organization on White’s birthday soon began, gaining support from celebrities such as actors Mark Hamill and George Takei on Twitter.

After White’s death, traffic to American Human’s website surged. Donations are also increasing, according to Ganzat. Nonprofits are waiting to reveal how much they will be until they are flooded with more gifts, including large donations from some donors.

During the decades White was involved in the organization, she called for funding, served on its board, and was a presenter and judge on a television show featuring “hero” dogs. During the taping of the “pet set” in the early 1970s, Mr. Ganzat said White would put an American humanitarian representative on the set to ensure that the animals were safe. In 2012, a non-profit organization awarded her the highest award, the National Humanitarian Medal.


According to Ganzat, White plans to create an organization-sponsored animal photobook each year.

“She didn’t put them on the coffee table,” Ganzat said. “And (it) impressed me whenever we visited.”

According to the group’s Chief Mission Officer, Holly Sizemore, the Utah-based animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society has raised $ 25,000 in a donation made in the name of White. This group promotes #BettyWhiteChallenge widely across social media channels to enhance support for both work and other organizations.

“That’s the beauty of animal welfare,” said Sizemore. “There is something that everyone can support. Especially now, there are many good jobs and many opportunities to make the world a better place for humans and animals.”

Sizemore hopes Monday will bring a lot of donations and attention for animal welfare.

“It’s a great opportunity to celebrate Betty White’s heritage. We can meet as a country and celebrate her passion and love for animals,” she said.


#BettyWhiteChallenge Maintaining ties with donors is the main test of animal welfare nonprofits since Monday. Virus fundraising can lead to a flow of money, but experts say donations tend to decline quickly.

Sarah Newhall, Chief Strategy Officer of Fundraising Company Mission Wired, said charities already have a strong foundation for engaging new donors via email, websites, social media, or other means. If you say you can get the most out of these moments.

“What they can do is actually take advantage of that tent-pole moment and stand in front of an audience that might not have been possible otherwise,” Newhall said. However, she added that maintaining these donors can be a difficult battle, as the push to give is tied to a day and motivation for one person. rice field. Animal groups may also be overshadowed by other organizations seeking donations during Martin Luther King Junior Day, which is Monday.


North Shore Animal League America, a no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, plans to hire a new #BettyWhiteChallenge donor in combination with a social media call and an invitation to the adoption center in Port Washington, NY. Senior Vice President of Operations. Also, to commemorate her 100th birthday, she is dedicating the rescue of the next 100 animals to White.

The organization received a donation from the Hallmark Channel in honor of White. This is part of a compliment that includes the January 17th “Golden Girls” marathon and her Hallmark movie “Lost Valentine”.

“It’s about what we can do to raise awareness of the plight of homeless animals and help them, including volunteering and adoption,” said Johannan.


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#BettyWhiteChallenge Raises Animal Money and Awareness

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