#BettyWhiteChallenge Raises Animal Money and Awareness | National News

“That’s the beauty of animal welfare,” said Sizemore. “There is something that everyone can support. Especially now, there are many good jobs and many opportunities to make the world a better place for humans and animals.”

Sizemore hopes Monday will bring a lot of donations and attention for animal welfare.

“It’s a great opportunity to celebrate Betty White’s heritage. We can meet as a country and celebrate her passion and love for animals,” she said.

#BettyWhiteChallenge Maintaining ties with donors is the main test of animal welfare nonprofits since Monday. Virus fundraising can lead to a flow of money, but experts say donations tend to decline quickly.

Sarah Newhall, Chief Strategy Officer of Fundraising Company Mission Wired, said charities already have a strong foundation for engaging new donors via email, websites, social media, or other means. If you say you can get the most out of these moments.

“What they can do is actually take advantage of that tent-pole moment and stand in front of an audience that might not have been possible otherwise,” Newhall said. However, she added that maintaining these donors can be a difficult battle, as the push to give is tied to a day and motivation for one person. rice field. Animal groups may also be overshadowed by other organizations seeking donations during Martin Luther King Junior Day, which is Monday.

#BettyWhiteChallenge Raises Animal Money and Awareness | National News

Source link #BettyWhiteChallenge Raises Animal Money and Awareness | National News

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