Betheny Frankel captures the backlash of “transphobia” comments about pronouns in recent podcasts

Betheny Frankel faces a backlash against “transphobia” comments on her “Just B” podcast.

“A real housewife in New York City,” Alum, 50, opened her latest episode by persuading her 11-year-old daughter, a pronoun and gender identity related to Brin.

“We need to get into the fact that we zoomed in at our daughter’s school. [had] “Synonymous conversations with each teacher, each parent, each child,” Frankel began.

“And my daughter also says at school that everyone has to say a pronoun.”

She continued, “And my daughter didn’t even know what she was … [She said],’I know what I am, or what I think, but I have never shouted it. It didn’t come to my mind. So she said she didn’t know. “

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Betheny Frankel captured the backlash against her transphobic comments in a recent podcast episode.
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The founders of Skinny Girl further lamented by sharing the story of a summer camp that complicated anatomy, sexuality, and gender identity all at once.

“It’s all a girl’s camp, and a man with a penis identified as a girl went to the camp and was in a bunk bed with the girl, and the girl saw her — it she, Because it is a male anatomy, but identified as a female — other girls saw the penis. They were 9 and 10 years old, so their parents were obviously not so happy. ”

The former Bravostar then claimed to have heard that the aforementioned child was “reconciling with many different girls in the camp.”

Frankel further stated that Brin, who shares with his ex-husband Jason Hoppy, firmly understands the importance of gender identity and the use of correct pronouns.

Still, the host of “Big Shot With Bethenny” hinted that she might not put her daughter to sleep in the same bunk bed as her transgender child.

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“But she hasn’t even seen a penis, so at the camp she saw the girl part, so I think these conversations are also fluid,” she said. “It’s an interesting conversation about girls, women’s anatomy being in the bunk bed of men’s anatomy, and vice versa. OK?”

According to a 2020 study by the Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth at risk, “respecting pronunciation is supportive, affecting well-being and reducing the risk of suicide. It’s part of creating an acceptable environment. ”

Frankel also questioned transgender inclusion in school sports, later suggesting that gender identity could simply be a “phase,” but criticized by LGBTQ supporters on Twitter. received.

“Hello Beth! I intended to quote the transphobic words used in the horrifying intro of this episode, but it hurts so much that I can’t even write it in writing.” One user smokes.. “Isn’t it a minimal survey before talking to the audience?”

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Written by another person, “I saw this tweet, so I decided to listen. It’s interesting to say,” Yes, maybe you shouldn’t post this intro “because no one has heard it … .cmon. ”

in the meantime, Another addition, “I agree that I’ve heard almost every episode, and this rant was completely offensive and disgusting. She dares.”

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When Another comment, “Ew Be thany [sic].. Not cool! !! !! “

Frankel representatives did not immediately return PageSix’s request for comment.

Betheny Frankel captures the backlash of “transphobia” comments about pronouns in recent podcasts

Source link Betheny Frankel captures the backlash of “transphobia” comments about pronouns in recent podcasts

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