Bet on More Part-Timers Returning to WWE

Summerslam was a great success for WWE and the betting odds saw most favourites win. However, look at who were challenging for the top two titles? It was Goldberg and John Cena, wrestlers that only make fleeting appearances for the company. With Brock Lesnar making his return at the end of the show, will WWE continue to rely on part-time legends for their main events.

WWE continue to have problems creating new stars that will see the poor ratings improve.  Sportsbooks know that when it comes to major events such as WrestleMania or Summerslam, it’s not the main full-time roster that WWE boss Vince McMahon turns to for help.

McMahon knows that the odds on the main roster selling out events aren’t good. That’s when he decides to go back into the past for his main eventers. But the problem is you can’t bet on the heroes of the past to always come up with the goods. The other nightmare facing McMahon is that his list of stars from days gone by is beginning to dwindle.

Two legendary Texan wrestlers are The Undertaker (aka Mark Calloway) and Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can also bet on The Undertaker to get the crowd cheering. He has retired but you wouldn’t want to place a wager on him never stepping into the ring again. Actually, he doesn’t need to wrestle, just his ring-walk is enough to get the crowd going.

As for Austin, it’s unlikely the Texan will lace up his boots again due to a mixture of injuries and common sense. He is however used a great deal on the WWE Network with his interview show, Broken Skulls Sessions.

Shawn Michaels is also unlikely to ever wrestle another match. The ‘WWE Universe’ is still getting over the appalling comeback made in Saudi Arabia. McMahon may bring Michaels back as a special guest referee but his in-ring days are over. His job now is to train the next generation of WWE wrestlers, hoping that one or two may become main eventers.

Betting on professional wrestling is allowed even though the results are predetermined. Not every state has legalized sportsbooks, but Illinois is one that has. You can go to the Pointsbet sportsbook and place bets on all major sporting events and hopefully more states will in the future allow residents to bet on sport and WWE.

There are two other legends that WWE will push into the main event. Brock Lesnar is back and a match against current Universal Champion Roman Reigns would be a bout you can bet on being a big hit. Just when this might take place isn’t known, the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia looks a possibility. That’s not until October and it would be interesting to see who sportsbooks would consider the favourite for that match.

WWE have put titles on Lesnar in the past but doing so isn’t always good for business. Lesnar won’t do a full-time schedule and wrestling on Raw or Smackdown just doesn’t look likely at all. He’s a part-timer who will make the occasional appearance on weekly television, but you can bet he won’t wrestle a match. More often he just jumps up and down while someone else does the talking. There might be the occasional skirmish but like Goldberg, the odds on him having a match are slim, almost non-existent.

Who else can McMahon call on?  Hulk Hogan has had too many injuries and unlike Lesnar, Cena or Goldberg, no one really wants to see him wrestle again and it’s been like that for a fair while. Hogan and other NWO members are ok to see at the occasional reunion or Hall of Fame ceremony but that’s all.

There’s one former champion that Vince McMahon longs to see back in a WWE ring. The Rock still has the ability to draw big crowds. His promos are still better than any that you currently see in WWE, and he certainly looks fit enough to wrestle a good match.

The odds on him making his return to WWE are pretty good. There’s a storyline just waiting for him and it’s one that fans would love to see. Roman Reigns and The Uso’s are related to The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) and a feud between them all would only fail if the writers made a real mess of it. Sadly, the odds of that happening have to be considered good. WWE in recent years have struggled to make the most of good opportunities.

Of course, it’s not easy for The Rock to return to WWE. He’s been such a massive hit in Hollywood, and you can always bet on his movies being  a massive success. Finding the time to do so is difficult. There’s also the possibility of him getting injured and that affecting future film schedules.  That’s what happened back in 2013 in his WrestleMania match with John Cena and his films make a lot more money now than eight years ago.

The odds are looking good for The Rock to return in 2022. A tag match is more likely than a Universal title match. WWE fans just want to see him return and humiliate Reigns in some way. It is just another case of WWE relying on part-timers and that a habit they have to get out of.

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