Best tools to compress PDF

PDF documents are undoubtedly an excellent option when choosing a format to present a document. This storage format can be presented in the main operating systems, supports a wide variety of multimedia content, never messes up the original format and, of course, is very easy to generate from different devices.

However, because some documents are usually heavy and complicated when sending, on the web we will find pages that will help us compress PDF and lighten its weight a bit.

Here are the best tools to compress PDF:


What makes this downloadable PDF compressor stand out is undoubtedly the fact that you can drag and drop PDF files onto the interface.

Also, this tool stands out among the others due to the wide variety of configuration settings that it allows to set when compressing your documents. is one of the reliable and leading tools that reduce pdf size in no time. Also, this tool will allow you to compress PDF and also make conversions and modifications to your documents.

Using this tool, you can easily compress, merge, and split PDF files for free. One of the best things about this tool is that it does not ask for your email id. Your files will be converted directly on its website. is an all-in-one tool that allows you to convert files quickly from DOC to PDF easily.

  1. iLovePDF:

I Love PDF, like, which is a totally free PDF file compressor. To use it, you just have to attach your document, select one of the 3 levels of understanding and, finally, select the destination on your computer.

You can compress the size of the PDF file by eliminating unwanted options such as links, images, watermarks, text, and more. Or you can just make the PDF smaller by compressing it. And it allows you to compress PDF files by converting the PDF to other file formats.

  1. Free PDF Compressor:

This tool is a free that allows you to quickly and easily compress PDF files. So, they weigh less than you require. You need to add the PDF file you want to process, select the output file, and then choose the type of file you need.

You just need to press the start button on the site and check out the progress bar until it is done. This is the only thing you need to compress PDF files.

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