Best Professional Resume Writing Services: Trusted Reviews from Experts

Getting a new job can be very stressful, especially if you lack proper guidance on presenting yourself. It gets even more difficult because you aren’t the only one applying for your dream job. So, how do you stand out? It all starts from your resume, and writing one of quality can be challenging. Instead of wasting time trying to create the perfect resume, why not let the professionals help you with that?

We have researched about a dozen professional resume writing services, checking their quality, prices, customer services, and the qualification of their writers. Here are 3 services we are sure will come in handy for you no matter where you currently reside, be it the United States or  UK, Australia or Singapore, or other country worldwide.

Professional Resume Writing Services

  • SkillRoads
  • Resume101
  • ResumePlanet

Full Reviews of the Professional Resume Writing Services

  1. SkillRoads – The best service for use in the USA

You’d need to create a resume, cover letter and search for job openings for a new job. But this is a daunting task. For speed, you’d instead make use of an online service for each of these. However, how would you love to have all these — resume construction, cover letter builder, and top job searches — in one place? It’d save you a whole lot of time. And yes! That’s where SkillRoads come in.

SkillRoads is your one-stop for all services you could ever think you’d be needing to land your dream job. What more? They are not left behind in providing their customers with top-notch innovative resume generators. Their AI resume generator creates a technical and professional resume that passes all ATS in an instant! You’d almost think it was all a dream that a process that takes so much time could get delivered to you at such speed and with optimum quality.

Not only this, but they claim a job success rate of 96.4%, and a run with them is a sure guaranty of landing your dream job. While the AI resume generator might be their hallmark, that is not all you get from them. Read on to know more about their services.

SkillRoads Services

As earlier stated, SkillRoads offers a one-for-all service. The hallmark is the FREE AI resume builder and reviewer. After filling a questionnaire, the builder analyses your background and creates the perfect resume for you in just 30 minutes! That’s a lot of time saved compared to how much time would take you to complete the same.

On the other hand, the reviewer ensures your already created resume can get you lined up for an interview. Their AI tool screens your resume for common errors we are fond of making.

It ensures your resume is compatible with the ATS criteria, ensuring that the style, formatting, and other relevant information are impeccable. But, while these free tools are an excellent previewer of the quality you can get from SkillRoads, this is only a taste of more. If you like what you see, then you should be ready to pay for more.

Their other services include professional resume writing, resume checker, cover letter builder, LinkedIn profile editing, job offers, and career tips.

While the AI tool provides you with the best resume with an appealing visual interface, it’s safe to call your attention to the fact that you won’t be the only one using the tool. Hence, there’s the issue of having your resume quite similar to another’s.

To curb this, you can go beyond and employ the services of the SkillRoads US-based accredited expert resume writers. They add the final customization to your resume that ensures it stands out from the hundreds going for the same job. And you can get it all starting from a low price of $100!

The Resume Checker service can also go beyond having the AI-Robo rate your resume. You can upload your resume and have the experts at SkillRoads edit your resume to ensure your recruiter calls you back for an interview.

This, of course, doesn’t cost as much as it would to create one from scratch, and so, if you’ve got a resume at hand, ensure you get it checked out before you submit it to your recruiter.

Also, to help your recruiter understand you best, your resume needs a cover letter to go with it. SkillRoads offers you a chance also to build cover letters that impresses and secures you an interview.

While these are already a lot, they do not stop here. At SkillRoads, you can also have them edit your LinkedIn profile to ensure you connect effectively with your potential employers from Denver or Austin. You also get career tips that would land you your dream job in today’s world while also placing at your fingertips job offers that fit your qualifications.

With all you get, you should also know they offer you three free revisions within 14 days after the order completion date. That means you have them ready to ensure you get only a top-notch resume from them.

How Easy Is It to Place an Order with SkillRoads?

Foremost, their website has a straightforward interface that ensures you don’t get lost while searching for your target. Your first step to ordering is selecting from a list of services or combos. To do this, you would have to create an account with them as all your conversations with their writer will take place on your account dashboard.

Once you’ve selected the service you want and your order completion date, you can also upload your current resume if needed for the service you’ve chosen. After this, you’ll be required to fill a questionnaire and make payments.

Once this is out of the way, you gain access to your account, where you will contact and chat with a writer specialized in your job niche. Also, once your documents have been completed, you’d find them on your dashboard.

The Documents You Can Get from SkillRoads

They offer a wide array of application documents that range from a singular CV/ resume editing to writing one from scratch, to an all-inclusive package that covers:

  • CV/Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Editing
  • CV/Resume Custom Design

Pricing at SkillRoads

The prices differ depending on the services or combo you want, and the time you want it delivered. The cheapest is getting a custom resume design at $39.80 within 14 days ($54 in 48 hours), while the most expensive package is the all-inclusive job application package at $324 within 48 hours ($238.82 in 14 days).

You also get free tryouts with SkillRoads with two packages: the AI resume builder and the resume reviewer.

Is SkillRoads a Scam?

From our research, we discovered ratings from third-party websites that prove the legitimacy of SkillRoads. Among those we got were:

  • Product Hunt: 4.8
  • Sitejabber: 4.21
  • Trustpilot: 4.6
  • Yelp: N/A

However, there were some complaints of late delivery. They apologized to these and responded that some were due to a miscommunication between the writer and customer.

To Conclude on SkillRoads.

SkillRoads offers you optimum quality services for CV/resume writing that stands out among job seekers and catches the attention of recruiters. They work on visual appeal, ensure the content passes the ATS criteria, and get you an interview call.

They do this first by getting to know their customers before preparing a cv/resume in Boston using the information provided. And with what you get from them, you sure can start searching for jobs right away.

  1. Resume101– Worldwide Resume Experts

Resume101, as a name, connotes simplicity, and true to that, they provide you with oversimplified means of getting professional resume writing help that will bring you into your dream office.

On visiting their website, it becomes evident almost immediately that they offer you a chance to create resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Your resume is your first bet in tailoring your expertise to your desired job. But you don’t have to stop there as you can present yourself with more details by sending in your CV and cover letter. And you can get all these from Resume101. But not only these, as they also offer some additional packages which we will also mention in this review.

Now, about the most crucial part of this review, are they legit? Well, we’ve got your answer waiting for you. Read on and find out if they are worth your cash.

Pros and Cons

Not to waste time, here is your answer. From our research, you’d find the good side of Resume101 to be:

  • Flexible order completion date to fit your urgency needs
  • They have a personalized pricing system to fit different levels of career. There’s a price level for even students searching for a part-time job, just as there are prices for professionals looking for executive positions.
  • They offer additional packages such as follow-up and thank you letters.
  • Fast and reliable customer service and writer line
  • Writers are HR or Hiring Experts with industry experience on how best to write a resume/CV.

However, the con side to Resume101 is their relatively higher prices when compared to other resume writing services.

To reinforce these findings of ours, here are some ratings from third-party websites:

  • Trustpilot: 4.0 from 48 reviews
  • Sitejabber: 4.57 from 44 reviews
  • BBB: 1 from 2 reviews
  • Yelp: N/A

From these, it is clear that Resume101 is doing a good job, or they’ve got a sort of moderation going on with these online consumer reports

Resume101 Services

As earlier stated, their primary services are:

  • Resume writing
  • CV writing
  • Cover letter writing

You can, however, get these in combos, and you can also order additional packages such as the thank-you letter and follow-up letter. They also offer some level-specific services, such as those for federal, military, and executive resume services. So, yes! As a veteran, you can also order a written resume from them. And if your LinkedIn isn’t up to professional par, you can also order a LinkedIn profile edit with them.

Ordering from Resume101

The ordering process is easy and is also the first thing you’d notice on their website.

You’d start by choosing your career level, which ranges from entry-level to executive level. After this, select your package, order completion date, and you’d be required to create an account and complete payments.

Prices at Resume101

Their packages start from a minimum price of $99 to a total of $289, depending on the package and deadline time.

For revisions, you can do this three times for free within seven days except for when your documents exceed 20 pages. For that, free revisions are still possible for 14 days. Resume101 also offers you a chance to ask for refunds if you are yet to approve the job.

By going to their legal tab at the bottom right corner of their website, you can get a more descriptive explanation of why they give refunds.

Resume101 Conclusion

Writing a resume is an extensive and stressful task that must be perfect to land our dream job. While you might lack the experience, Resume101 provides you with the opportunity to work with experienced writers, not freelancers, who can help you create the job-catching resume/CV. However, they believe that resume writing services shouldn’t be a luxury but a significant business expense. And this visibly reflects in their pricing systems.

  1. ResumePlanet

Now, while checking through the resume writing services, we discovered another service of worthy note. With tons of good reviews and the opposite, we decided to go further into checking the quality and legitimacy of the business. Here are our key takeouts.

ResumePlanet is another resume writing service company that offers you a wide range of services ranging from CV/resume writing to additional packages like editing your LinkedIn profile for more effective professional connections.

Pros and Cons

Here, I believe the most vital point to note is the poor to average quality of the documents prepared at ResumePlanet. The online space itself has somehow agreed to view ResumePlanet as a go-to place to order entry-level resumes.

A greater con that stems from their poor to average resumes is that customers have to get these lower quality documents at very high prices. ResumePlanet stands as one of the most expensive sellers in the market today, and yet, the online consumer reports show you only pay so much for under-qualified documents.

However, their best practices include their creativity and also their fast responses to orders. This also has a disadvantage. There have been complaints of customers being spammed with ads and called to purchase a different package.

On Sitejabber, ResumePlanet has an overall rating of 3.82, with their quality having a rate as low as ⅖. Trustpilot has only one rating of 3.2, while BBB and Yelp have none. All these only reinforce that while they have some excellent attributes, their customers do find many problems with their quality.

Still, entry-level resume documents are okay to go with for some jobs. So, let’s go now to learn more about their services.

ResumePlanet Services

The services you can order for at ResumePlanet include:

  • Resume Writing
  • CV writing
  • Resume/CV editing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Thank-You and Follow-up letters
  • Additional services include:
    • Distribution to employment agencies which involve them sending your CVs and resumes to companies in your stead
    • KSAs, which list your knowledge, skills, and abilities, but these should have been part of your resume. Sadly, you’d have to pay extra cash for it.
    • E-Cover Letter Writing Service, which sends in a reduced version of your cover letter as an email

Ordering from ResumePlanet

The way order works here is simple. Once you are on their website, you can click on the “order now” button or fill the order tab on the homepage. They offer a range of career levels, including:

  • Entry
  • Professional
  • Career change
  • Executive
  • Military
  • Federal

Given their high prices, you’d do well to go for their combo packages as getting more documents reduces your net price. You also get the chance to select your target position. After this initial stage, you are taken to the points where you fill in your contact details and make payments.

However, you should note you won’t get to contact the writer directly, which fosters the belief that ResumePlanet uses writers that are not US-based. While that won’t work for local companies, it comes in handy when approaching companies outside the USA.

Prices at ResumePlanet

As earlier stated, ResumePlanet has one of the highest price levels in the market. Their cheapest option is the editing packages that start from $79. You can end up having to pay as high as $309, depending on the combo package selected and the deadline time.

ResumePlanet Conclusion

After all that’s been said, it’s clear that at ResumePlanet, you should be ready to pay a lot for an average quality resume/cv. These may be written by non-US-based writers but are still good enough when going beyond the United States to Europe and also for entry-level jobs.

Now, we believe you might have other questions regarding resume writing services, and we’ve devoted the following sections to that.

Resume Writing Tips

You might sometimes want to write your first draft of your resume yourself to save time and cost of hiring professional help. Here are some writing tips to get you started with that:

  • Foremost, know your keywords. You must check through the job postings for keywords the recruiter has used. Knowing and reusing these words in your resume shows your recruiter you’ve gone through the job postings and have what it takes for the job.
  • Go through resume templates. The next thing you want to do is go through templates on the web in your target niche. Going through this provides you with guidelines like a teacher would that ensure you write a laser-focused resume that goes directly towards the goal.
  • Write only the most relevant information about yourself in professional fonts. Your resume isn’t a place where you use cursive fonts that lack a formal image. You also need to ensure you are straight to the point, only stating facts about yourself related to the target position.
  • Use active language. To show you achieved all that you’ve listed yourself, you should employ the use of active tenses. Passive voice shows you’re unsure about your achievements.
  • Finally, proofread and edit your work before submitting it for any job application.

The Legitimacy of Resume Writing Services

Another question you might have is about the legitimacy of making use of resume writing services in Chicago or Dallas from the United States. Before we go into that, we should reiterate why you would need to hire one in the first place. You know very well how difficult it is to create a resume as a non-writer. Also, what worked in the past year might not work again as the job market is constantly evolving. Hence, you need writers who are up to date to take on this stressful task for you.

There’s also the issue of the ATS, which filters job seekers’ applications only to select a few. To pass this test, you require a skilled writer who knows how best to pass this test.

However, not all those who come out as resume writers do know how to go about it. So, here are some things to check out when choosing a resume writing service :

  • Don’t go for the cheapest without considering the quality. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s good. So when you find the most affordable in the market, always carry more research into their quality by checking previous reviews from third-party websites before committing your resume to them.
  • Also, check for writer certifications. Are they certified or not? You need to answer this question, and if you can’t find any actual proof about the writer in view, you should move on and check out other writers.
  • If the company makes unrealistic or shady guarantees, you should look for other companies as such companies often have issues with revisions and refunds.

Once you’ve cleared your doubts by extensively engaging reviews websites, you can then order your resume/CV from the company in view.

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