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We chose the best beard braces, but that doesn’t mean we were a little reluctant. When I first saw these being a few years old, I thought they would “go through the epidemic.” Or maybe it was something like “God didn’t straighten his beard for some reason!” However of course Beard straighteners are important. All beards grow diagonally with curly hair, setting the growth stage to a. Slog.. And with a simple stroke of the hot wand, you can spread those whiskers. And even if you don’t want to add length to your beard, the beard braces can easily clean up the outermost hair so that it looks neat and tidy, not the albatross nest.

However, do not burn the mug with your girlfriend’s flat iron. You will need a dedicated tool. A whiskers are basically combs that blow hot air through the whiskers and have excellent functions.

How to use a beard straightener

  1. It takes months of growth to get results. These combs and brushes must have hair long enough to be combed and brushed, with exceptions that can be made especially for astonishing facial hair growers.
  2. Always start with a clean and dry beard. Rinse off dirt and frills last night. conduct no Straighten the beard while applying the beard balm or wax, or while the beard is wet.
  3. Get your own beard straightening comb or brush. Flat irons (used to straighten curly hair on the head) are made for that very purpose. Hair on the head is very different from hair on the face. Moreover, the wand is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. I will prepare my beard more than usual. The heat from these beard braces is probably not serious enough to cause damage or damage to your hair (unlike the hell that flat irons and blow dryers can release). Still, the use of regular hot tools is not very For hair, it is essential to maintain a beard conditioning regimen. It can be as easy as beard oil or balm.
  5. Fine hair means lower temperature: The most bushy beard and the thickest hair require higher temperatures than the thin beard and thin hair. In general, use the lowest heat setting first to see if it suits your needs and only raise it if necessary.
  6. It keeps a slow but stable pace. Do not stall too much in one place while stroking the hot tool on your beard. Pausing in one place can damage the hair, skin and underlying hair follicles. Carefully and evenly straighten these curlies, maintaining a slow but stable stroke. Probably 1/3 or 1/4 of the normal combing pace.
  7. Brush with a downward stroke. Do not coach your hair in any direction other than where you wear it, that is, downwards.
  8. Finish with a beard balm, oil, or other conditioning product. It’s the perfect time to apply the product to strengthen your beard, prevent itching and peeling of your beard, and reduce splattering and hesitation while styling.


You are just looking to clean your beard that way.

Courtesy of Kuschelbär
Courtesy of Kuschelbär

It’s a subtle effect! And if we are honest, rational people may prefer the look of curly hair. It’s entirely up to you.

The best beard straightener

What may be included in the image: cosmetics, mascara

Kuschelbär PRO Cordless Beard Straightening Brush

The name stands for “Hugging Bear” and this rechargeable cordless beard straightener will soften and straighten your most grizzly beard in minutes, at home or on the go. It has three temperature options, none of which will lift your hair, and an arched shape that plays well with your natural contours.

The best compact beer straightener

Avalite Pocket Compact Via Straightener

Aberlite manufactures a number of whiskers. These devices also have cordless and powerful options with temperature indications and ionic heat that is good for hair health. However, we especially like the compact size suitable for this trip.

The best affordable beard straightener

Cayzor beard straightening comb

This is the best choice of low-cost devices for Amazon customers. It is coded with its 5 temperature control settings LED display. No frills, no swirls.

How to grow a beard for the first time. Bradley Cooper with a perfect and well-maintained beard.

How to grow a beard for the first time

A 7-step plan to reach your maximum beard potential.

Best Beard Straightener | GQ

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