Beisel completes a swim to Block Island to honor his deceased father

New Shoreham, Rhode Island – Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel becomes the first woman to swim from mainland Rhode Island to Block Island on Saturday, completing a tough 10.4 mile route to raise funds for cancer research to commemorate her deceased father. I was allowed to.

With three Olympics and a silver and bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics, Weisel arrived at the northern end of a popular vacation spot in less than five and a half hours.

It was easily longer than any swim in a 29-year-old competitive career in the pool. Although Beisel has never participated in an open water race, he had to follow the rules of marathon swimming and cover the entire distance without a break or support from a support boat.

“Honestly, I wish my dad was here. Mr. Beisel told The Providence Journal,” I know he’s mentally here. People who have fought cancer, cancer. Anyone who has overcome this is for them. ”


Beisel decided to start long swimming training after his father, Ted, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of last year. He died on July 1st.

Her mother, Joan, I was waiting with a towel and a hug When she came out of the water on Brock Island.

Originally from Rhode Island, she said she was one of the family’s favorite places to visit when she was growing up and chose the island as her goal. Beisel was also urged to complete a route that was previously done by two men but was not a woman.


Beisel has raised approximately $ 133,000 for cancer research through a partnership with Swim Across America.

Beisel was scheduled to hit the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, but strong winds and rugged waters urged her to push her back over the weekend.

The conditions were almost perfect Saturday, calm water and partially cloudy sky.

“Hopefully anyone who sees me doing this today can be inspired to do what they don’t think they can.”


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Beisel completes a swim to Block Island to honor his deceased father

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