Behind the “sea” of Sea Life San Antonio

San Antonio – From underwater tunnels to a variety of aquariums that house all sea creatures, SEALIFE San Antonio has something for the whole family to enjoy.

The large aquarium inside the River Center shop filled the aquarium with water in 2019 before it opened this May. Sea Life is home to a wide variety of fish and marine life, including jellyfish, seahorses, and zebra sharks. However, in order for all these animals to survive, their aquariums and habitats are carefully constructed.

At first glance, the water from one tank to another may appear unchanged. However, some animals need to swim in water with different salt levels. Salinity is a measure of the amount of salt in a body of water.


There are three measurements of salinity in water, based on whether the tank is temperate, freshwater, or oceanic. The salinity of freshwater tanks is much lower than most other tanks.

To ensure that all tanks maintain the correct level of salt, SEALIFE staff use a tool called a refractometer to test the salt in the water. If the salinity is lower than it should be, the aquarium staff can make the necessary adjustments by adding fresh water.


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Behind the “sea” of Sea Life San Antonio

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