be happy!Timothée Chalamet’s suit season

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David M. Bennett
Tim P. Whitby

Timothee Chalamet

Welcome to the Chalamet-in-a-Suit season. It doesn’t come every year (usually only when he’s promoting the movie), but you need to make sure you’re paying attention, like when a comet occasionally strips across the sky.Few celebrities have very willingness fun In their tailoring — just to try some weird stuff and see what happens.It’s only a few days since the release of DunesSo I hope it’s not the last wild suit we see here.

David M. Bennett

Regis Gene Page

Wait a minute — I heard they might be looking for a new James Bond …


Oscar Isaac

Super sturdy and reliable black.

Dennis Torcello

Bruno Mars

Tailored with plenty of funk.

Mark Cuthbert

Prince William

prince! For a bottle green velvet suit! By God he goes for it!

David M. Bennett

Jason Momoa

Grandpa’s plaid can also be bad.

JOCE / Bauer-Griffin

Jeff Goldblum

Don’t forget to dress up for the next night.

Gabe Ginsberg

Charlie Wilson

OK, maybe you don’t need your shiny silver leopard tax. But this is a great formal energy to channel at your next wedding.

Stefania M. D’Alessandro

Josh O’Connor

It’s almost the same as the fit of recent pants.

Mike Marsland

Alan Ruck

Connor Roy may be a distant weak in the great Inheritance CEO’s Bake Off, Luck is right there as one of the show’s best dressers.

be happy!Timothée Chalamet’s suit season

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