AWS Architect Certification  Suit for Assistant Level Certification

If you have been using AWS and are ready to start viewing AWS Architect certification, you have come to the right place. AWS architect certification is for those who want to design solutions on the AWS platform. The advantage of AWS certification is that everyone has a certification path.

At present, there are two different AWS architect certification examinations. The first is AWS certified solution architect assistant, which is the exam we will focus on today. After passing this AWS architect certification exam, you can become AWS Certified Solutions Architect – professional

Before starting to prepare for AWS architect certification, it is important to understand the form of the exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and multiple answers. The time is 80 minutes. The certification fee is USD150 and the AWS practice test fee is USD20. You can find more information and get AWS architect certification through this link.

Now we know what the first AWS architect certification is like from the perspective of testing and logistics. Let’s take a look at the content to be tested. The secret to determining how to learn for any exam is the exam blueprint. Here you can find the blueprint of AWS Certified Solution Architect – Association.

The blueprint will give you an overview of the candidates you are testing. It will also give you a breakdown of the areas to be tested and the very specific topics covered by the exam. The best way to learn any exam is to understand the exam blueprint from beginning to end before taking the exam.

One of the biggest themes of AWS architect certification for the first time is “designing highly available, cost-effective, fault-tolerant and scalable systems.” This topic  accounts for 60% of the certification examination. The topic with the second highest weight is “security”, accounting for 20% of the exam, followed by “troubleshooting” and “implementation / deployment” (yes, put them together), accounting for 10%. The best way to start learning for this exam is to focus on this specific topic and read some of the many white papers provided by AWS.

If you are a novice in AWS architecture, one of the best white papers is architecture design for the cloud: AWS Best Practices. This white paper outlines the architecture in the cloud, especially the real architecture of the AWS platform. It also discusses two distinct types of AWS deployment: migrating current workloads or designing new workloads specifically for cloud native.

When you are ready to deal with some more in-depth materials, use the AWS Well Architected framework. This will also help you learn more about other exam areas, such as data security. The well architected framework has five pillars, namely security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization and operational excellence, which are all key areas of concern to architects, especially in cloud based environments. For those who want to have an in-depth understanding of AWS before introducing it into the current IT infrastructure environment, performance efficiency and cost optimization are key areas for building a business case.

AWS provides other resources, such as official study guides and training courses. They provide a certification preparation site, which will provide you with information about AWS recommended learning materials. This page is located here and lists the white papers, guides and training courses we just mentioned, as well as some of them. The best free resources provided by AWS are like self scheduled laboratories. One of the best parts of deciding on AWS architect certification is the large amount of resources available for research. Good luck!

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