Australian Government vows to unmask online trolls

The Australian government announced on Sunday that it would unveil online vandalism and introduce legislation that would hold social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter accountable for identifying them.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose conservative coalition is facing elections in early 2022, said the law would protect Australians from online abuse and harassment.

“The online world is a western world where bots, bigots, trolls, etc. can anonymously sneak around and hurt, hurt, harass, bully, or sled,” Morrison told reporters. It shouldn’t be a pioneering era. “

“It can’t happen in the real world, it can’t happen in the digital world.”

Attorney General Michaelia Cash reportedly introduced the law to Congress by early 2022 to make it clear that social media platforms, not users, are responsible for vulgar comments by others. Said it was necessary.

According to Cash, a September High Court ruling holds users who manage their pages on social networks liable for defamatory third-party comments posted on their pages. It was decided that there was a possibility.

Under planned Australian law, she said, the social media company itself is responsible for such defamatory content, not the user.

She also said it was aimed at blocking people who made defamatory comments without being identified.

“You can’t use an online anonymity cloak to spread vulgar and defamatory comments,” the Attorney General said.

She said the law would require social media platforms to have a designated entity based in Australia.

According to Cash, the platform will only be sued as a defamation comment publisher if it responds to a new legal requirement to introduce a complaint system that can provide details of the person who made the comment as needed. You can protect yourself from.

The Attorney General also said he could apply to the High Court for an “information disclosure order” requiring social media services to provide details for “unmasking trolls.”

In some cases, a “troll” may be asked to remove a comment, and she said she could end the problem if the other side was happy.

Australian opposition leader Anthony Albanese said he would support a safer online environment for everyone.

But he said the government did not propose actions to prevent the spread of false information on social media and accused some of the government’s own members of spreading false information about COVID and vaccination. ..

Australian Government vows to unmask online trolls

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