Asian Women Attacked in NYC: NYPD Crime Stopper Offers Up to $ 2,500 Reward for Information About Suspects

NYPD Crime Stoppers offers up to $ 2,500 incentives for information leading to the arrest of perpetrators who were seen attacking an Asian woman outside a Manhattan apartment on Monday afternoon ..

The crime stopper tweeted about the reward, and the poster was seen on Tuesday near the scene of a brutal attack above and below West 43rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen.

Police sources confirmed to Fox News earlier Tuesday that the suspect was still loose.

The video of the attack on Monday seems to show that the woman was kicked in her stomach and then fell. The perpetrator can see her hitting her and kicking her head and body while she is on the ground. Police sources confirmed to Fox News that the suspect shouted to the victim, “F — you, you don’t belong here.”

The suspect also allegedly wielded a weapon that looked like a metal object after attacking the woman, witnesses told Fox News on Tuesday.

Witnesses working outside the coffee shop across the street at the time told Fox News that after the man attacked the woman, he pulled out “looks like a knife” and “some metal.”

“The man was yelling. I don’t know why. She didn’t do anything to him,” Tony asked to be identified by his name alone.

“We were working here and heard a scream,” he said outside the grind coffee shop, just a few feet away from where the attack took place. “I don’t know why he went crazy.”

Tony told Fox News that another man “ran out of the park to help” the woman after being attacked, but Tony described “that man, the big man” as “knife.” I pulled out something that looked like. .. “

“He had some metal. He started yelling at other guys, and finally he left,” Tony said. “He just started leaving, and then the police arrived here.”

Police sources told Fox News that the New York Police Department’s Hate Climb Task Force was investigating the case.Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday Instructions New York State police hate the criminal task force investigating as well.

The NYPD did not comment to Fox News about whether the weapon was swung during the attack.

According to police sources, the victim was heading to the church when he was assaulted.

“There was no reason, he just went crazy,” Tony added.

Witnesses tell Fox News, a metal object of the brand of a suspicious attacker in NYC Asian women

Individuals listed as security guards in the report did not appear to want to provide assistance to women during the attack and instead closed the doors of the apartment building after the attack took place.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that a building staff member who witnessed the attack but did nothing was stopped citing a management company.

Staff at the 360 ​​W 43rd building refused to answer Fox News’ questions on Tuesday, claiming that management had not provided the front desk with information to provide to the press at this time.

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Police told Fox News that the woman had been taken to NYU Langone Hospital and suffered a pelvic fracture and a head bruise. She has been described as stable, sources said.

Stephanie Pagones of Fox News contributed to this report.

Asian Women Attacked in NYC: NYPD Crime Stopper Offers Up to $ 2,500 Reward for Information About Suspects

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