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Ashraf Rizvi, Founder and CEO of Gilded, told TechGraph, “We are in a digital economy where investors’ views on gold, or for that matter any asset class, are slowly but surely shifting towards a digital model.

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Could you help give an idea of ​​how far Gilded has come since its existence? From when it started to where it is now?


Ashraf Rizvi: I started Gilded with the goal of democratizing gold ownership and not relying solely on fiat currencies for financial security. We achieved this goal by creating a 100% digital platform that allows investors to transparently buy 999.9% pure gold with just a few clicks or taps on their laptop or smartphone.

Gilded has successfully implemented a solution that bypasses the typically tedious steps associated with buying real gold on the open market. Our processes are completely transparent; we offer our investors the best rates and the purest quality of gold since we source it directly from Swiss refineries and store it for you in fully secure vaults. Once purchased, the property belongs to the owner, who can do with it what he wants.

I’m a big proponent of holding gold in a well-diversified portfolio because gold has historically offered great value over a long period of time. Gold is owned and accepted by almost every government in the world, which makes it reliable and stable, unlike other assets. Our effort is to take this valuable asset and make it available to as many people as possible and help them on their financial journey.

How is Gilded using its industry expertise and digitalization to address the unresolved financial gap?

Ashraf Rizvi: Gold has been an integral part of Indian culture for a long time and will continue to be so, given its history, value, and religious and cultural significance. Gilded may seem to have a millennial-centric approach due to the digital and technological aspects.

Yet, since we make it easier to own a traditional asset like gold, it also has appeal for older generations. With the rising tide of wealth technology, older generations are also getting used to digital investments, and we believe this will continue to support our business expansion.

Speaking of gold’s core business, what is the growth in assets under management that you are targeting for FY22-23?

Ashraf Rizvi: Looking to FY22-23, we expect significant growth in several key geographies. Sustained growth is expected in the United States and the Middle East region through successful partnerships in the B2B and B2B2C sector. We have worked tirelessly to secure these partnerships by demonstrating its value proposition as an authority in digital solutions for gold.

We expect the growth in assets under management for FY22-23 to match its expectations by meeting its targets and executing initiatives as we diversify into these identified regions.

How does Gilded leverage technology to improve the customer experience?

Ashraf Rizvi: Gold has always been an integral part of Indian culture and has been around for thousands of years. Today, in a rapidly changing world driven by digital disruptions and COVID protocols, the way we consume products, services and information has also changed.

We are in a digital economy where investors’ view of gold, or for that matter any asset class, is slowly but surely shifting towards a digital model. The marriage of trust in gold and the convenience of technology will only make this asset even more valuable and popular in the eyes of digital natives.

What are the new trends in the gold industry?

Ashraf Rizvi: We are already seeing a significant digital shift in nearly every aspect of life, as Gen Z are more comfortable as digital natives. In the coming years, we expect the wave of technology-rich platforms to grow exponentially, as younger generations expect technological innovations to give them control and autonomy over their decisions. financial.

Therefore, we intend to tap into this emerging trend by marrying new technology like blockchain with such a traditional asset as gold. The ease of a wealth technology application, the possibility of fractional investments, and the availability of information such as live gold prices will provide Gen Z with an experience that typically appeals to them.

As more investors and businesses become aware of how their money can help or hinder the causes they care about, sustainable investing is expected to grow in popularity. Individuals can now choose to invest in gold without being tied to environmentally and socially harmful practices.

Ecological gold, ethical gold, recycled gold and sustainable gold are available depending on the gold supplier. Because the term sustainable explicitly relates to practices that do not inhibit future generations in any way, not all environmentally friendly, recycled, or ethical gold can be considered sustainable. However, depending on the preferences of the investor, he can choose which gold corresponds to his principles.

What are the tools and technologies to redefine how to invest in gold in the new normal?

Ashraf Rizvi: Blockchain is one of the most exciting new technologies to introduce into our society. In its simplest form, blockchain is a database, and like other databases, it collects and stores information electronically in a digital format.

Gilded uses the open-source Hyperledger Fabric enterprise platform, originally created by IBM, as a private, licensed blockchain that records ownership of physical gold stored for Gilded customers in Brink’s vaults. It is not a cryptocurrency and has no consensus requirements, significant computing power, or potential reward requirements.

Gilded transforms ownership of gold by creating a digital record for a physical asset. Ownership can be transferred instantly, 24 hours a day, without the need to move the physical gold bullion; instead, the digital record follows the movement of the value. This transforms gold from a store of value into a medium of exchange and a real alternative to cash. Gilded uses blockchain to make gold digital, mobile, and usable as a new and improved store of value for the 21st century.

What is your liquidity position?

Ashraf Rizvi: India has always favored gold in times of crisis. When you sell your physical gold, you have to go to the store and then have it checked for authenticity, and even after all that, they offer below market rates, i.e. a sale price lower than the purchase price. . Digital gold, unlike traditionally held physical gold bars or coins, can be sold easily, directly in the same solution in which it was purchased.

It shows that not only are you buying hassle-free, but you are also selling hassle-free. Investments and income should be planned well and in advance to ensure that the investor or family never faces financial hardship severe enough to fall back on their invested gold. However, digital gold is generally considered an easier and more convenient sale if the situation arises.

What new projects are in the pipeline?

Ashraf Rizvi: In line with our new goals as a company, we have made several changes to our overall infrastructure which is now visible and publicly accessible. The biggest update of recent times is our completely revamped website. We felt that a major overhaul of our corporate website was paramount to emphasize our new overall goals as a finance department.

Our new website offers comprehensive descriptions and information on our current offerings, as well as a wealth of knowledge on all things digital gold education.

Additionally, potential customers can learn more about Gilded as a company – our history, our team and our philosophy as a brand. We couldn’t be more excited to hear about this launch. We believe our new and improved website does a magnificent job of capturing the culture and collective goals of our company as a digital gold platform. You can find solutions for financial advisors, family offices, individuals and institutional investors.

Ashraf Rizvi, Founder and CEO of Gilded – TechGraph

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