Artist recruits 300 nude photos near the Dead Sea in Israel

Jerusalem – Approximately 300 male and female volunteers wore naked white body paint for an artistic installation aimed at drawing attention to the shrinking Dead Sea.

They posed on Sunday for American photographer Spencer Tunick, who made similar installations in other exotic locations around the world, such as the French wine country, the glaciers of Switzerland, and the beaches of South Africa. .. The filming was promoted by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

“My visit to Israel was an experience for me, and I’m always happy to come back here and take pictures in the only country in the Middle East that allows such art,” Tunick said. rice field. He made a previous installation in the Dead Sea in 2011.

Volunteers gathered early on Sunday afternoon. They took off and painted white in the desert outside the Israeli city of Arad. The filming lasted about three hours, with the artist arranging volunteers and cameras.


The organizers hope that the installation will draw attention to the importance of protecting the Dead Sea. The salty waters at the bottom of the globe have been steadily shrinking in recent decades as Israel and its neighbors have diverted their upstream water sources to agriculture.

The Ministry of Tourism said it hopes that artistic installations will attract visitors to the area. Israel has been largely closed to foreign tourists since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but gradually welcomes vaccinated visitors as the number of cases declines. ..

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Artist recruits 300 nude photos near the Dead Sea in Israel

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