Art inspiration was born at Frida Kahlo’s house, San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio – An iconic sight of Mexican art, culture and heritage debuted Saturday morning at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

The new exhibition “Frida Kahlo Oasis” features a replica of the iconic blue house or Casa Azul of a Mexican artist, giving visitors insight into the inspiration behind her famous portrait.

The garden team turned an unused area with only a few trees and small elephant-eared plants into an oasis with attention to detail. Visitors are first greeted with a replica of the bright blue façade, adorned with green window railings and shutters. As you pass through the main entrance, you will be guided through the exhibits by the lush landscape of Mexican lava. Replicas of the blue walls are strategically placed along with photographs, portraits and facts of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s homes.

Sabina Carr, CEO of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, said: “(The Casa Azul Museum) was incredibly supportive and supportive with the people (of Fantasas) who made the show for us, and this is our stylized version. This is Casa Azúl. “


Fantassus is a Mexican City-based artisan workshop that also participated in the official Day of the Dead celebration in San Antonio.

Fantassus is a workshop of craftsmen based in Mexico City who are in charge of replicas of “Frida Kahlo Oasis”. They also created a work of art to celebrate the official Day of the Dead in San Antonio. (PHANTASUS TALLER ENSAMBLE)

Oasis presents an intimate part of her life and work, including replicas of her desk and paints created by Fantassus artisans. Even horticulture is a unique form of art in both San Antonio Botanical Gardens and Frida Kahlo’s life.

Andrew Labay, director of horticulture at San Antonio Botanical Gardens, said: “She loved gardening. She painted a lot of plants in her portrait.”

Over 100 species of plants, including plants native to Mexico, make up the new shaded garden.

“Her family, Casa Azul, when she was also a gardener and was very passionate about gardening and plants and she and Diego Rivera wanted to take over her father’s home and return to the Mexican provinces. He said he surrounded himself. “


Diego Rivera, a world-renowned Mexican artist and life partner of Frida Kahlo, is also participating in the exhibition through plants like the Calla lily that Rivera has celebrated many times in his paintings.

“(In Casa Azúl) he was also part of the garden,” Labay said. “(Rivera) had a large pre-Columbian art collection, exhibiting it in the pyramids we see (here Frida Kahlo Oasis) and elsewhere in the garden.”

The garden wants visitors to take advantage of this unique experience made possible by extensive research, visits to Mexico City, and the guidance and support of Frida Kahlo’s family and estate.

“[Exhibition]was made possible through a very dear and deep relationship between San Antonio and Mexico City,” Kerr said. “I felt like the right thing at the right time (to honor) such a world-famous artist.”

The exhibits also include larger sculptures of animals that Frida loved, such as butterflies, monkeys, parrots, and Xoloitzcuintli. (Copyright 2021-KSAT is prohibited from copying or reprinting without permission.)

Frida Kahlo Oasis is included in the general admission and membership.


The San Antonio Botanical Garden hosts a variety of events, including art history lectures, cooking experiences, cocktail workshops, and family-friendly events, attracting visitors with Frida Kahlo Oasis. Click here to find out more and sign up for upcoming events.

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Art inspiration was born at Frida Kahlo’s house, San Antonio Botanical Garden

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