Arrested Development: All shows in TV purgatory now

Has the TV wave peaked? On the one hand, no fewer than 15 shows aired a season premiere on a final Sunday alone, and around 100 debuted in the last two weeks of April. On the flip side, Netflix just reported its first-ever quarterly subscriber loss, causing the original streamer’s stock price to plummet 70 percent, and reports that “the party’s over” by some media outlets.

Whatever the reason, many marquee projects across the streaming landscape have been hitting some big bumps lately. From casting dramas to drastic plot overhauls, these are some of the most bleak-future major shows including the Netflix series Edgar Allan Poe, a Walking Dead Spinoff and a new program set in the Batman Universe. Here’s what you need to know about these high-profile series.

the idol. euphoria Creator Sam Levinson teaming up with The Weeknd for music industry drama seems like a no-brainer, but the couple’s HBO project is being revamped in the wake of a “new creative direction” that will require a “cast and crew adjustment.” According to Deadline, The Weeknd sensed that the idol — which tells the story of a young pop singer who becomes involved with a cult leader in Los Angeles — was too focused on the “female perspective” and as a result Red Rocket Starring Suzanna Son (who was set to play a cult acolyte) and director Amy Seimetz have dropped out of the project. Levison will likely have a bigger directing role as a result. It’s unclear how much these changes will affect the show’s planned release schedule.

American gigolo. A television show based on Paul Schrader’s acclaimed 1980 film has been in the works for more than seven years, with super producer Jerry Bruckheimer working to adapt the film he helped produce for the small screen. The show focuses on a Los Angeles sex worker who is also trying to uncover the truth about a murder case for which he has been serving time in prison.

It picked up some serious momentum in the last two years with Jon Bernthal taking the lead, and Ray Donovan Showrunner David Hollander at the helm. But on April 27, production was halted after Hollander was ousted amid allegations of misconduct. (meeting said Hollander’s leaks “were not sexual harassment,” although there was little additional clarity.) Eight of the 10 episodes of season one have already been filmed, though there’s no timeline as to when they might resume filming or who it will be on rudder.

Obi Wan Kenobi. The next war of stars The series begins May 27, but big changes have been made behind the scenes, even with the premiere date on the horizon, per The Hollywood Reporter. Darth Maul, who was an enemy of Obi-Wan the phantom menace, was intended to be reprized by actor Ray Park, but the character was dropped as part of a “creative overhaul”.

Arrested Development: All shows in TV purgatory now

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