Army-Meadowlands Navy, 9-11 20th Anniversary

East Rutherford, NJ – When Army and Navy coaches and players stepped into MetLife Stadium on Wednesday, the background was the New York City skyline.

One of college football’s biggest rivals will return to Meadowland for the first time since the Army (8-3) played against the Marines (3-8) on December 11, 2002.

The game is usually played in Philadelphia, but will return to the New York area to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, which killed nearly 3,000 people. The attack led the United States into a war on terrorism led by many military school graduates.

Army coach Jeff Monken said playing the game within 10 miles of the World Trade Center Tower grounds honors all those who have been physically, mentally and emotionally affected by the tragedy. .. He also said it was a tribute to those who responded to the call for service.

“In the last 20 years, the war on terrorism has lost hundreds of Americans and affected thousands,” Monken said at a luncheon 10 days before the match on Wednesday. Here, I think it is very appropriate to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this stadium at this stage. “


Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo will be head coach of the midshipman in his last 14 games against the Army for the 24th time.

Although they are competitors in this area, Niumataroro said both schools represent the country and train men and women to protect the country and its freedoms.

“These two agencies had people who served at the final sacrifice because of the conflict that occurred in 9/11,” he said. “Here we can remember those who lost their lives and all, the 9-11 people in the tower, the first responders, everything that happened from that day. Remember and respect them. To be able to do that, I think it is appropriate for us to be two schools that do it. “

Niuma Taroro said he was in contact with many of his ex-players. Some will be back. Some have joined his coaching staff, while others have talked to and exchanged messages with him. Most are useful.


“They said,” Hey, coach, do you remember playing linebackers and offensive guards in the Army? We served together, and he actually They are really good people. “And they actually get to know each other and become friends. “

Niuma Taroro said such stories focus on rivalry.

“It’s a bit cool in this fierce competition that we want to beat them, they want to beat us,” but then what they do is “you’re trying to protect someone .. When you go out and serve. “

The series has experienced recent changes in winning streak. The Navy has won 14 games in a row, while the Army has won 4 of the last 5 games, including 3 x 7 points or less. The cadet won a 15-0 victory last season in a game played at West Point for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This season, the Army recorded its fifth victory season under Monken in eight years. Heading to the postseason bowl game, there will be an announcement on Sunday. The cadet’s victory will give them the commander of the Chiefs Trophy, as they will also defeat the Air Force.


“This is the biggest match of the year,” said Captain Markel Broughton in the Army’s defensive back. “This is football’s biggest rival and college football’s most fierce rival. For everyone who sees it, it’s an American game. It’s the biggest game of the year. It makes a lot of sense to those who serve.”

The Navy season will end next weekend. Senior wide receiver Mychal Cooper said defeating the Army in the final round was the ultimate.

“That’s what you dream of. It’s about you coming to school, playing games of the Army and Navy, winning and going home happily,” he said.


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Army-Meadowlands Navy, 9-11 20th Anniversary

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