Apple put senior executives on indefinite vacation after she complained about sexism

Apple reportedly put a senior engineering program manager on indefinite leave after complaining about dangerous working conditions and gender discrimination at work on Twitter.

The company is investigating Ashley Gjøvik’s allegations about the hostile environment at work.

In an interview with The Verge, Gjøvik said he had discussed with his employer for several months about his many years of experience in dangerous working conditions, sexual harassment and retaliation at work.

She urged Apple to take immediate steps to mitigate the hostile work environment while company officials were investigating her complaints.

Apple initially offered Gjøvik EAP therapy and sick leave, but she wasn’t happy.

“I said they didn’t make sense, and they talked to my leadership and said they should set surveillance and boundaries.”

She said the employee-related team had completed the investigation and claimed that nothing was wrong.

Gjøvik has begun to raise issues with Apple’s internal Slack. She was then asked to stop using the Slack channel because of such a complaint.

She was also asked not to meet other female employees in the office to discuss company policy.

Gjovik says he was put on “indefinite paid leave” on August 4, while the company was conducting a new investigation. This is the second time Apple has investigated Gjøvik’s allegations of sexism at the company.

In a statement Engadget“We are deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace,” an Apple spokeswoman said.

“We take all concerns seriously, investigate every time a concern is raised, respect the privacy of the individuals involved, and do not discuss specific employee issues,” said a spokesman. Added.

Apple has seen a recent rise in employee activity for a variety of reasons.

In May, the company fired Antonio Garcia Martinez after many employees wrote to management and complained about the sexist and misleading comments that engineers wrote in a book about Silicon Valley.

In June, a group of workers sent an internal letter to CEO Tim Cook, stating that employees were reserved for the requirement to return to the office for work in September.

They said they prefer a more flexible policy that allows employees to work remotely when they feel comfortable working.

The letter’s signer also complained last year, “I felt that it was not only unheard of, but sometimes actively ignored.”

Apple put senior executives on indefinite vacation after she complained about sexism

Source link Apple put senior executives on indefinite vacation after she complained about sexism

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