Apple announces iPhone 13: New features and pricing include:

Apple announced four new iPhones and a redesigned Apple Watch on Tuesday. The new features of iPhone 13 are:

  • The iPhone 13 will be released commercially on Friday, September 17th.

  • favorite Last year’s model, IPhone 13 is available in 4 sizes and different colors. The basic model of the new flagship phone starts at $ 699 with 128GB of storage. The larger and more powerful iPhone Pro and ProMax start at $ 999 with 128GB of storage. Apple will also continue to sell the compact iPhone Mini. It usually sells for about $ 100 cheaper than the base model.

  • The latest design is similar to last year’s iPhone 12, but the new device features several enhancements, including a new A15 Bionic processor, an improved camera, and a small front sensor notch.

  • iPhone 13 also includes improved 5G capabilities. Last year’s iPhone, which introduced a new high-speed wireless network, sold over 100 million units. But the new iPhone 13 will help 5G find more viewers this year and next, Apple analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities said in a report. It should also help add more value to Apple’s stock market.

Prices for the Apple iPhone 13 range from $ 699 for the base device to $ 999 for the Pro model.


“The iPhone 13 has the potential to push 5G to about 250 million customers,” Ives said. “Most consumers update their phones every three years, so if you didn’t get a 5G phone last year, you’re more likely to take advantage of this product cycle. This makes 5G more popular for many consumers. It’s up to you. We believe that the iPhone’s “supercycle,” which includes other devices and services, will reach Apple’s $ 3 trillion market cap in 2022. ”

Is the iPhone 13 perfect for you?

iPhone 13 is a powerful and capable device. But like most people, you probably don’t need to upgrade your smartphone every year.

Apple fans may argue that all new iPhones are the latest and greatest, but in recent years each upgrade has proven to be a repeat of the previous model and not a breakthrough. If you have the latest models such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, you don’t need to upgrade even if you don’t have 5G capabilities. 5G is certainly an innovative technology that has the potential to enable many great innovations, but its rollout has been slow and not yet available in most markets.

However, there are two customer groups that may find the iPhone 13, especially the Pro and Pro Max models, more important. It’s people who work remotely with their parents. You can’t retake a picture of your child, and the new camera takes spectacular pictures. Remote and hybrid workers appreciate multitasking with faster processors and CenterStage video calls.

“The announcement of the iPhone 13 is almost counterintuitively important,” said Apple analyst Rene Ritchie. “The focus is on processor, camera, and radio updates, not major redesigns. It’s not as flashy as a redesigned phone, but additional power and 5G capabilities are important to many.”

Apple watch

Apple also announced the Apple Watch Series 7, which features a major redesign of the first smartwatch since its debut in 2015.

The rounded edges of the new watch provide more screen space with the familiar form factor. Apple Watch Series 7 has also received a processor update, the S7 SiP (System in Package). The S7 chip needs to reduce battery drain and improve performance.

The new watch doesn’t include any additional health features, but Apple watchers say thermometers and blood glucose sensors are rumored to be on subsequent devices.


Apple has also redesigned the iPad Mini with square edges to bring it closer to the iPad Air and iPad Pro. The updated tablet also features a new processor that is several times faster and more power efficient than its predecessor. Apple has also updated the base model iPad with the same processor. Prices start at $ 329.


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What’s new in iPad 9 and iPad Mini 6?


Apple also announced the latest version of the iPad, the iPad 9, on Tuesday. Powered by the A13 processor, this device promises incredibly fast performance (compared to high-end Android tablets, according to Apple) and an upgraded 12MP ultra-wide front camera. ..

But that’s not all. A new iPad Mini is also available. The iPad Mini 6 features an end-to-end liquid Retina display, Apple Pencil support, a USB-C port, a 5G connection, and a new A15 processor. And like the iPad 9, new Apple tablets now take advantage of Center Stage, so your camera stays trained when you move during a FaceTime or Zoom call.

The iPad 9 starts at $ 329 for the 64GB model and the iPad Mini 6 starts at $ 499. Both can be pre-ordered today and will be available on September 24th.

iPad 9, $ 329 (pre-order)

iPad mini 6, $ 499 (pre-order)

Apple announces iPhone 13: New features and pricing include:

Source link Apple announces iPhone 13: New features and pricing include:

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