AOC dismissed concerns about the surge in crime in major cities as “hysteria”

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the Democratic Party of New York, has expressed concern that recent headlines referring to the surge in crime across US cities are agitating “hysteria.”

“We see these headlines about the rise in percentages,” Ocasio Cortez said in a conversation with New York State Legislature Jamaal Bowman over Zoom. “Now, I’d like to say that any amount of harm is unacceptable and too much, but I want to make sure that this hysteria does not cause hysteria and that we see these numbers in context. It means that you can make responsible decisions about what to assign in that context. “

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Ocasio Cortez argued in early June that authorities should stop building prisons and instead focus on underlying public health issues, and using prisons as “trash cans” is “unacceptable.” Added.

“If you want to reduce violent crime, if you want to reduce the number of people in prison, the answer is to stop increasing their staff,” Ocasio Cortez said. “The answer is to make sure we actually build more hospitals, pay the organizers and provide people with mental health care and overall health care, employment, etc. It abandons the community. It’s not about supporting. “

Ocasio-Cortez, Bowman, and Senate leader Chuck Schumer to allocate $ 400,000 for a program called “Stand Up To Violence” that seeks to combat gun violence through counseling and community engagement. I called on the Senate.

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused Ocasio Cortez on Sunday, claiming that he was “ridiculing the general public as a’hysteria’for fear of violent crime in the neighborhood,” and last month “to the police protecting her. We will secure another $ 2 billion in spending. ” “”

He also shared a tweet from Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Ocasio Cortez, who “almost killed me” during an attack on the US Capitol, and blasted other Republicans, “like AOC, I too “hysteric” about the fear of violent crime.

According to the latest available NYPD crime data covering the week ending June 20, New York City’s overall shootings increased by 53.2% year-to-date and murders increased by 13.3% year-to-date, so exchanged. Will be done.

AOC dismissed concerns about the surge in crime in major cities as “hysteria”

Source link AOC dismissed concerns about the surge in crime in major cities as “hysteria”

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