Anticipating the Apple Event: What to Expect from the iPad Launch and New Product Reveals

The spotlight is expected to shine on the iPad, as indicated by the invitation featuring an Apple Pencil, a rare direct hint at what’s to come. With Apple’s iPad lineup overdue for updates, the event is anticipated to focus primarily on these devices, with little room for other major announcements like new Macs or iPhones.

Here’s what we can expect at the event scheduled for May 7:

iPad Air

Long overdue for an update, the iPad Air is rumored to receive enhancements such as the M2 chip, possibly in a larger size variant, offering a 12.9-inch display akin to the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

The premium offering in Apple’s iPad range is expected to receive upgrades including an OLED display, repositioned camera placement for better landscape use, and a new chip with potential focus on AI capabilities. Design changes such as a reduced size and smaller bezels may also be in store.

iPad and iPad Mini

Details are scarce on updates for the iPad Mini and the entry-level iPad. However, given their aging hardware, they may receive minor chip upgrades or remain as budget-friendly options compared to the more premium Air and Pro models.

Apple Pencil

Central to the event, Apple is rumored to unveil a new Apple Pencil, possibly featuring haptic feedback for enhanced user experience and clearer differentiation from existing models.

New Keyboard

Speculation suggests Apple is developing an updated keyboard accessory, potentially made of metal, transforming the iPad into a laptop-like device, albeit at a premium price.


With a focus on AI for the new iPad Pro, there’s speculation about accompanying software updates. However, Apple typically reserves major software announcements for its Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Other Expectations

The event is likely to maintain its focus on iPads, with little room for additional product announcements. However, there’s lingering curiosity about the global availability of the Vision Pro headset, though no rumors have surfaced yet regarding its announcement.

As the anticipation builds, Apple enthusiasts await to witness the tech giant’s latest innovations in the realm of tablets and accessories.

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