Anti-misinformation agency buys £ 75k ‘listener’

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has signed a £ 75,000 deal to give officials access to an “listener” to view the conversations. On social media.

The Rapid Response Unit (RRU) was established by the central office in 2018 with the goal of combating “false stories” spreading on social media and other computer technologies. His way of doing so is to make a direct complaint online, and to verify that information from the government or other sources of credibility is raised before spreading the fraud. and shortcomings. Also used with social media to open up information, if necessary.

His perception of misinformation – which is defined as the unequal distribution of deception, mostly by members of the public – separates his work from the DCMS -based Counter Disinformation Unit, which was the first missionary. to combat the spread of false information. for political, intellectual, or criminal reasons.

To support its work, the RRU signed a one -year agreement with software company Cision. The company, through its partnership with brandwatch, will provide government officials with a platform that gives them “the ability to lead listening and viewing online and socially. “.

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According to Cision’s website, the Brandwatch-powered social listening tool allows its customers to “connect to conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and hundreds of online forums and evaluation systems ”.

The newly published sales information states that the RRU will be issued with “an entry of at least 30 [ongoing] questions, unlimited ad hoc searches, unlimited users and unlimited dashboards. ”This will help“ support search engine optimization services for [other] offices and organizations within the Cabinet ”.

The deal, which is worth £ 75,600 to the Chicago-headquartered business, began on 5 November.

In addition to standard marketing standards, the documents state that the government will be required to agree to the terms of service for YouTube and Twitter – with the exception of “pass -through terms” in the latter case.

Accordingly, the Minister’s Office is bound to: “not use Twitter information or information, provide or provide Twitter information to any person or organization that you believe will use the information: at not in accordance with the reasonable expectations of Twitter users for privacy; research, search and review Twitter users or their information, or obtain information Twitter users or their knowledge in the form of claiming a lawsuit, court order, or due process of law; or any individual, for any independent or discriminatory reason, detains, shares, or knows any user in connection with the health, financial or social status, political or religious affiliation, or health female or sexual partner, union member, information relating to any crime or another. important pieces of personal information prohibited by law; [or] to break the [United Nations] Discussion of Human Rights.

Following its joyous release in early 2018, public announcements were made about the RRU’s work – although the information and published comments were more much of the findings relate to the Counter Disinformation Unit.

Searching for the past six months Public technology to know basic details about the CDU – such as the number of staff it employs, or specific details about the subject matter of the disinformation about it – denied Produced by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

DCMS expressed awareness of the need to protect the “government’s relationship with community -based institutions”, and the desire to maintain a ‘safe haven’ around ministers and with government officials “.

Anti-misinformation agency buys £ 75k ‘listener’

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