Anti-abortion advertising officer “against his wishes”

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A New Mexican police officer who adopted a pregnant woman’s child who found using heroin for what was held up instead of abortion was depicted in uniform on a sign against abortion without his permission. The boss says.

Albuquerque police officer Ryan Horez appears on a sign along the interstate highway running through the city with the words, “My favorite right is life.”

The image shows him holding two daughters, including one daughter adopted from a couple who was found shooting heroin during a patrol in 2017.

The woman using heroin was pregnant when Hollets found her and she agreed to give up the girl for adoption after childbirth.

Anti-abortion activists, including the grandmother of another daughter, Ethel Mahag, have postponed the adoption of a Hollets girl as an alternative to abortion.


She is the secretary general of Right to Life New Mexico, an anti-abortion group that used his image on the billboard.

Albuquerque police say Mr. Hollets refused permission from the group because using his image in uniform violates policy.

“The group used the image anyway, without permission and against the wishes of a police officer who made himself stand out with his integrity,” said police spokesman Gilbert Galegos.

“That’s not true,” Mahag told local television station KRQE in an edited interview. “Official Holets never said I couldn’t.”

It is unknown who took the photo used without attribution on many abortion prevention websites.

“I think they came from Ethel or Right to Life in New Mexico,” said Albuquerque Rev. Dewey Moede, who used them in last year’s blog post.


Hollets attended a political rally and spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention, but did not wear uniforms or badges.

Police spokesman Galegos said he had never seen an image of a party blog post and couldn’t immediately determine if it violated department policy.

Mahag did not return the message left to her staff saying she was traveling on Wednesday. One staff member said her comment on the television station lacked context, but refused to send a copy of the interview she said she had recorded.


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Anti-abortion advertising officer “against his wishes”

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