Anna Faris condemns public pressure to push her to marry Chris Pratt


The “Mama” actress says she should have stopped her relationship with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor many years ago, rather than legalizing her in marriage.

AceShowbiz -actress Anna Faris She hinted that she knew her marriage Chris Pratt She felt pressured to walk down the aisle, so it didn’t last long.

House bunny“Star Wed Pratt in 2009, but in the latest episode of her podcast.”Anna Faris is not qualified“She praised the caller for breaking her engagement and suggested that she should have done the same.

“I really feel that breaking an engagement is a smarter, stronger, and brave move than I did,” Faris said. “It’s,’Well, I think everyone expects this, so let’s try it.'” “”

She and Pratt split in 2017, and Faris, who was previously married to an actor, Ben Indra, Her lack of intimate female friendship prevented her from finding warning signs about their relationship before it finally ended, and led to star couples trying to maintain their appearance. I admit.

“I think it stunned me in many ways,” she recalled failing to maintain a close relationship with her girlfriend. “One of them is that I’ve never talked about the problem, so I’m sure even my closest person has a more transparent relationship with Ben, but with Chris. , I think both of us protected it. Images even within our intimate circle. ”

“For me, at some point after all the breakups, I realized that there were a lot of things I ignored that I really shouldn’t have,” she added to guest Rachel Bilson. “When I think about it later, I felt like my hands were forced. I don’t think it was an independent decision.”

Faris and Pratt, the fathers of his eight-year-old son Jack, have maintained intimate friendships for their children ever since, but each is going romantic.Guardian of the galaxy“Star Wed Katherine Schwarzenegger In 2019, we had a daughter named Laila last summer (20). Faris is currently a water cinematographer. Michael barrett..

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