Anger about the European Super League is filled with our cheers

For a dozen founding members, the appeal of the Super League is that it is predictable. You no longer have to worry about playing in the Champions League. At least four signatories could miss the edition next season due to poor performance in the national league. The most lucrative prize pot in soccer. Instead, your income is guaranteed.

The problem, of course, is that unpredictability (which is fairly widely known in sports jargon as a competitive balance) is at least part of the secret of football’s appeal. In March, FC Porto knocked out Juventus from the Champions League in the 16th round. The elimination took place in the same week that Juventus President Andrea Agnelli maliciously announced his latest barbaric plan to improve the sport. love.

From a business point of view, his club exit was bad. Juventus is the Italian champion. This is one of the most popular teams in the world. Much more box office than Porto. The longer you stay in the Champions League, the better it will be to some extent not only for Juventus itself, but for the entire tournament. But from a sports perspective, its demise was a compelling and fascinating drama, with danger at the heart of the plot. Something was on this. Removing the stake increases the likelihood of product damage.

Of course, for American sensibilities, none of this is foreign. All of North America’s major professional leagues are functioning as closed shops, undisturbed by promotion and demotion concerns, and are doing very well. Thank you very much. Their example is in the mindset of European clubs whose owners are interested in the NFL and Major League Baseball, as well as those who envy both the broadcast deals they can command and the free cost controls. It has penetrated.

However, there is a misunderstanding here as well. Soccer, as historian David Goldblatt wrote, is a global cultural phenomenon of almost unparalleled scale. Cristiano Ronaldo became more famous a little further than when the Beatles were in their heyday. For major clubs, this is their advantage. After all, they are a team that people all over the world are paying to watch over. Why should they spread the wealth they generate to everyone else?

Anger about the European Super League is filled with our cheers

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