Analysis: There are fragments on the net and now we need to combine them

It’s great to have a big three.

That is, if those players want to make it great.

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And that’s the challenge in Brooklyn. After agreeing to the trade that landed three-time scoring champion James Harden from Houston, Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving all made great individually and hope to be great together.

Many futures and many heritage depend on what happens.

Durant found a way to do that in the Golden State when he played with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on his way to the two NBA titles. It worked there as Curry and Thompson checked their ego at the door and made it look like a seamless integration.

Harden never held the NBA Finals in Houston with well-known backcourt partners such as Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, and didn’t even give him a chance this season alongside John Wall. He wanted to trade, the stars who wanted to trade almost always give way, and he never again rockets after finishing his resignation speech after losing to current champion Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night. It was clear that he wasn’t wearing his jersey.

Irving won the title with LeBron James in Cleveland, but that relationship was never possible. And no one knows after Irving’s mind counts his personal vacations from the internet a week later. He reportedly went to a family birthday party and zoom call to help organize a campaign for candidates for the Manhattan District Attorney. Oh, and that zoom happened the night Nets was playing.

At this time, it is unknown when or when Irving will return to the net.

But give Nets credit. They fully participated in this deal. They handed out outstanding players on the rise at Caris LeVert, hoping that Harden would be the last work needed on the road to the championship, most of the future of the foreseeable draft (at least three times). I bet on a one-round pick). He is now reunited with former Oklahoma City teammate Durant, not only finding his way to the 2012 NBA Finals, but also reuniting with former Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni.

D’Antoni is a Brooklyn assistant under Steve Nash’s first-year coach and is not shy to grab the clipboard and give his opinion on a timeout.

However, turning a big three into a big trophy is not automatic.

And doing it during a pandemic with limited practices and seemingly inevitable breaks makes it a difficult challenge.

James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh won the ring in their second year (and the following year) in the trio that led Miami ahead of Thunder in the 2012 finals. They lost the final in Dallas in 2011 and had to win two games against Boston in order to get out of the Eastern Conference on their way to the 2012 title.

It took Miami a while to yell, but it worked because Heat was able to set aside Wade, the best player he’s ever known, and James to be the first choice. .. It worked because Bosch accepted to play a third fiddle behind a future Hall of Fame pair. If any of these three bark in their respective roles, the heat will not have these two titles.

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The only way Brooklyn wins one or two titles in this group is whether Durant, Harden and Irving now accept their role.

On paper, the infusion of talent can be surprisingly good.

— There are nine men in NBA history with three or more scoring titles — and two of them are currently playing online with four Durrants and three Harden.

— There are 9 active players who have played over 500 games and scored at least 22.5 points on average. Durant, Harden and Irving are the three.

But that’s a big deal, but all three are used to holding the ball at an absurd speed. Unless the NBA changes the rules and allows multiple basketballs at once, it obviously needs to be changed.

Durant and Harden were great together, but it was almost a decade ago, and Harden wasn’t even the starter of their Thunder team. Durant was a much bigger star than he was then, and Harden’s rise was meteor-like from that time.

Harden must be happy. He got what he wanted. Durant must be happy. The net is definitely better than when he got there.

But now they have to wait if Irving wants to be part of this.

If he comes back and handles it like someone like Bosch did in Miami, Nets could be the caliber of the championship and is probably a favorite of the loaded Eastern Conference.

If not, maybe he should just take a vacation.

This can be catastrophic if one of Nets’ new big threes doesn’t buy now.

Analysis: There are fragments on the net and now we need to combine them

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