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“I had my name chosen many years ago. The fact that the kids finally went home was a coincidence,” Knicks says of his “teacher.” “Soon after that, it became like this. What are you going to do? How do you complete this movie? Do you do it with zoom? It was a shock, but it was what we caught. I was forced to see it. “

Knicks and his crew have discovered a rich thread. From the beginning of the school year, some students worked to remove police from the school campus. They claimed that their presence was an obstacle to a good learning environment and potentially triggered those who lived under the threat of police atrocities.

Knicks delved into what once looked like a more minor plot. The “homeroom” became a 2020 portrait of the microcosm when many students participated in protests following the police killing of George Floyd. A year was interrupted, after which a vibrant sense of purpose was born.

“Teacher” refers to Frederick Wiseman, a pioneering non-fiction filmmaker who presupposes intimacy, and takes a true approach of “Wiseman with words.” He wanted to stick to the children’s point of view: “There is no adult voice,” he says. “Zero. Like peanuts: Wow Wow Wow.”

As seen in the “homeroom teacher,” most students haven’t attended an Ivy League college, and their intelligence is unlikely to register for a chart-top SAT score. But by observing them patiently, the “homeroom” shows the wisdom of the multi-ethnic generation, the knowledge and strength of social media in the process of finding their voice.

An unprecedented grade in the movie “Homeroom Teacher” | National News

Source link An unprecedented grade in the movie “Homeroom Teacher” | National News

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